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Sep 7, 2017 · allergic to crocheting? in Just Want to Talk

Hi @lindalew ! I don’t crochet any longer, haven’t for years because of arthritis. But I have, and do, experience heart palpitations. I have Afib as well as lung issues and different smells or ordors that can trigger my palpitations and other symptoms you describe. Another thing I’m thinking about is if you look down when you are crocheting, sometimes when I’m looking down, reading, on cell phone, etc, I get a funny feeling that will go into the palpitations if I don’t look up when I start feeling that way. I’m not sure why on that, some thoughts are that if I’m not paying attention to how I’m sitting, I have more difficulty breathing. Also, sometimes it is my eyes, if my glasses are off I get a dizzy, nauseated feeling. Sometimes it could be a pinched nerve in my neck. I don’t know why these things are connected with me, and I’m not saying these things are what’s going on with you, just explaining my similar experiences and maybe something for you to go on in figuring out what is going on. Teresa has some very good questions about your overall health and if you experience these symptoms at other times too. If you haven’t, I would encourage you to talk with your doctor about these symptoms.

Sep 6, 2017 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

@rick807 You go slow. You can do research, and if you know of anyone else who is seeing a therapist ask them about their experience with their therapist. When you find someone you think you want to see, make an appointment. At your appointment you don’t have to talk about everything, wouldn’t have time anyway. 🙂 But just talk about what you feel comfortable saying, after a few appointments of doing this, as you do this probably each time you see them you may get more of a sense of if it is someone you can work with. I say work with, because that’s what it is, it takes work to talk about your feeling and issues, and I always do “homework”, writing, drawing, and coloring. After your first appointment, you may already know if you don’t think it will work out. Don’t give up, keep trying till you find someone you feel comfortable with and feel that they care and that they are there to help you. Good luck, and keep posting on here!

Sep 5, 2017 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

That is interesting @windwalker! I’ve not heart about the magnet resonance, I’ll have to ask my therapist about it. I’ve heard that the bio-feedback was good, that is something that it picked up the rotator cuff injury. Sounds good!

Sep 5, 2017 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

I wanted to add, that it’s ok to feel that way. I mean, don’t beat yourself up for feeling that way. The more we tell ourselves that we shouldn’t feel so bad, then the worse we can feel, like a circle. When we allow ourselves to feel what we are feeling and know that things will get better, then it seems that it lessens the time we feel that way, or at least it does for me. I read something the other day, and now I can’t remember just what it was, but it was saying that storms don’t last forever. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings for now and know that it won’t last. I don’t know more about you or any issues, so I can only tell you what has worked for me. If nothing fits for you. that’s ok. Keep reaching out, there are a lot of people here on Mayo Connect who have gone through, if not the same things, then similar. But a lot of our feelings are the same.

Sep 5, 2017 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Hi @rick807 So sorry you are feeling so low. I hope that you are feeling at least a little better by now, just read your post. Do you have some coping skills that work for you when you are feeling so low. I understand when you say it feels like your head is going to explode, I have felt that way myself at times. And like you, I pretended like everything was ok for so many years. I got tired of it and decided to find a good therapist who I felt comfortable with and learned to trust to share my memories & feelings with. I knew that I needed to work on myself to get out of that place.
Think of the little things in your life & they will ad up. If you get out of bed, that’s a step. If you comb/brush your hair, that’s a step. If you shower and dress, that’s another. Brush your teeth, that’s another. All these little things that normally we don’t really think about, but doing them and telling yourself that you accomplished each step. Some days, you may only accomplish one of these things, other days more. But as long as you keep doing these things you are taking care of yourself. When we are really down, it is really important that we do “self care”.
Also, I have to tell myself that I am worth it. That I do make a difference. I don’t know what your support system is, but I hope you have family & friends who you can reach out to at times like this. It helps me to contact someone, even if I don’t tell them what is going on, it helps me feel better because I checked in on someone else.
Other things that help me are coloring, writing, and reading. I also listen to music, that helps too. I do hope you are feeling a little better and not so down. Let me know if you try any of these things and if they help.
You took the first step, you posted about how you are feeling, sometimes just getting it out will help. Take care and remember, you are not alone! We are all in this together.

Sep 5, 2017 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

@mlbaier So sorry you are having a bad day today! But I’m glad you are going to try Teresa’s suggestions, I know that those things have helped me when I’m feeling low or having a bad day. Hope you start feeling better soon! And just know, you are not alone!

Sep 4, 2017 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

@misssharon Sorry to read that your medications aren’t working. I hope you do call your doctor to ask about trying another one. I too, have taken a lot of different ones over the years, but I know there are much more out there that I haven’t tried. With me it was the same, they’d work for a long while, then seemed to stop working. I am on two different ones at this time and they have been working. One was one I’ve been on for several years and seem to be working the best for me. When I hit a rough spot and it didn’t seem to be working any longer, my doctor added another one that is a lower dose and works to help with anxiety and I’ve been doing well on them for about 3 years now. You mention that you aren’t seeing a psychiatrist now, but you don’t say if you are in therapy with any other psychologist or counselor. It took me about 35 years to find one who I felt comfortable with and we were a good “fit”. I’ve been going to her for over 4 yrs now and have had so much growth and healing because she had “guided” me work on my issues. By that I mean, she would give me homework to work on an issue that is disturbing me at that time. Now, I do my homework on my own in between appointments and that it to her and share with her. This is the first time that I have really gotten in there and work on my issues, always before it was just “talk therapy”, which is good to do at times, but for me, I wasn’t really working to figure out why I was going through the depression. Sorry, this is so long, I guess I just want to encourage you to keep looking to find a therapist who you feel comfortable with and has your best interest in mind. I believe that taking antidepressants and therapy work together in your recovery.
I also wanted to ask if you are in any support groups for depression, etc? I have a local NAMI (national alliance on mental illness), and even though I don’t share all my issues at the meetings, it helps to talk with others who have gone through if not the same thing you are, then similar things that the feelings are very similar. For one thing, you know you are not alone and that there are people who understand what you are going through. I hope you can get your medication figured out and start to feel better very soon, I know it can be debilitating at times when you aren’t on a medication that works for you or a combination that work for you. Take care and know you are not alone! Feel better soon!

Sep 3, 2017 · Long-term depression in Depression & Anxiety

Hi @mlbaier Sorry you have had so much going on, emotionally and physically. So sorry you are feeling lonely, that can be the worst. Going through all your medical & mental issues and feeling lonely. You’ve come to the right place, Mayo Connect is a great site to have discussions like this and reach out to others who have or are going through similar things you are. You are not alone! I haven’t done the biofeedback, or seen a naturopathic doctor, and haven’t been to Johns Hopkins, but those all sound promising. I do deal with anxiety and chronic depression too, and at times I get to feeling very low & lonely, and have to remind myself that I need to make contact with friends/family, even if just to say hi and check in with them can help me feel a little better and I’m not in that dark hole. I also do a lot of writing and that helps, and coloring relaxes me and helps me get through the rough times when I’m not up to talking with or being around anyone. I wish you luck and best wishes to feeling better soon!