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Tue, Feb 5 8:54am · Q & A: Ricky Safer, CEO of PSC Partners Seeking a Cure in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)

Rosemary, maybe you'll meet me in person someday. I've been going to Rochester or Jacksonville at least annually for 23 years for PSC. Transplanted in Jax Super Bowl Sunday in 2005 when the Super Bowl was in Jax.

Fri, Jan 18 10:22am · Transplant Tourism - Patients Travel Around the U.S. for their Best Transplant Options in Transplant

I originally traveled from Arkansas to Mayo Rochester due to my rare liver disease and unnecessary major surgeries to address it at home. Immediately I had confidence in the knowledge, skills and resources that Mayo offers and wanted to go nowhere else. After several years on the liver transplant list in Rochester, my hepatologist was concerned about the risk of complications that would prevent a transplant. Wait time in Rochester was indeterminate so he spoke to me about transferring to Mayo Jacksonville. There the wait time was estimated at two months. Once I was listed in Jacksonville, I waited two weeks for a cadaver liver. Care for my disease and transplant were of similar quality in Jax and the weather was warmer! Thankful I was given that option. Next week I return to Rochester for my 14th annual checkup.

Jun 11, 2018 · Lactulose question in Transplants

Kristalose is the only powder form of lactulose.

Jun 11, 2018 · Lactulose question in Transplants

I took the lactulose ready-mixed syrupy liquid for a few months. It was inconvenient, messy and produced large amounts of gas that was embarrassing in public. Inexplicably, my wife was quite intolerant and disgusted by this. The cramps were somewhat debilitating. For convenience, my physician switched me to a powder form that mixed with water or other drink. Portability was much greater, tolerability was better without the thick syrup and flatulence and cramping were significantly reduced. Taste was better. I said, "Where has this been all this time?" I suggest he ask his physician about this version. Comes in one-dose packets ready to dump in any drink.

Aug 20, 2017 · How Do I Cope When I Feel Awful? in Transplants

I waited in Jacksonville, 825 miles from home. I was legally separated from my wife so I was alone. Fortunately, a home church brother had lived in Jax and gave me some numbers of people he knew in the church there. These people who did not know me helped feed me and house me in homes and a hotel. I drove to Orange Park three times a week to attend church. They helped buy my gas so I could. I was extremely uncomfortable. Pruritus was driving me crazy. I was raw from scratching. I had to unbutton my pants and hold them together with a belt due to ascites. I had a huge hernia in my groin from ascites and sitting was difficult. But I still got dressed and drove to church three times a week. They prayed publicly and privately for me and encouraged me greatly. The call for the transplant came while I sat in church. They visited me in the hospital. I owe my life to them as surely as I do the surgeons. My secret to surviving the waiting was to find people who cared and would help.