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Aug 19, 2017 · Daughter in a bad car accident- main artery in her neck was hurt in Heart & Blood Health

Hi, I’m new to this. Not sure if this is where I should post all this or not? My daughter was just in a bad car accident. A drunk driver hit her and her husband and best friend. They are all recovering and hurt very bad. My daughter had broken ribs and severe bruising along with her spleen being hurt. Another big thing was that her main artery in her neck was hurt due to the seat belt. She was sent to Regions in MN. They only kept her one week and put her on 3 different high does of blood thinners because of how the artery in the neck was. They did not think of any other factors involved. Less than 2 days at home she some how moved the ribs slightly so they caused internal bleeding. The bruises on her were very severe as well. All of a sudden she was screaming in pain and blood pooled so badly in her back and left arm that it looked like she was the hunch back of noder dame. She was rushed back to Regions. They took her completely off all of the blood thinners. Have given her plasma, Vit K, and 3 blood transfussions so far. The blood is finally starting to ooze where it should (as they said) in the body. Now they say she should only be on a low dose of asprin. That they over did the blood thinners on her. She wants another CT scan of her neck done (of the artery) before leaving. They are having a fit with her saying it won’t show any thing different. She is telling them she wants this done for her piece of mine. That everyone at the hospital has been on a different page from Day 1 and now she is scared of a stroke happening. But yet she can’t get her blood to thin or she will bleed again. She has also become anemic now and needs iron. So as they told her, she is a unique situation. Everyone is telling her she needs to get out of there and go to the Mayo Clinic to get a second opinion. I would have to agree. Although she and I are not sure how to even start this process.