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Aug 19, 2017 · Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO) in Digestive Health

I tested positive on a breath test for Bacterial Overgrowth one year ago! hI have been on the FODMAP diet for a few monts but I still have belching, nausea and wind. He also indicated that I had mild Pancreatic Inefficiency(EPI) and I have been taking Crean now for 4 months at dinner time which has improved the EPI. About 4 weeks ago my Gastro Doc put me on a 14 day Xifaxon regimin but i did not get much of an improvement.

My blood work all looks fine with good kidney function but i still have stomach discomfort it seems no matter what I eat. I

An example of my daily diet is: One 8 oz glass of water with my cardio meds – Amlodipine 10mg, Losartan 100mg. Triamin/NCTZ 37.5mg and Metaprolol 12mg follwed by Tea and toast with honey in the morning. For lunch i may have rice cerial or porridge with Lactaid milk or i may have a tuna sandwwich. For dinner I may have some fish usually baked in foil with a table spoon of olive oil and one half of a baked potato. I seldom dring any alcohol to see if that would help but it does not! I generally drink Gator aid and water!

I weight 198 lbs and my height is 69 inches. I am good health at 80 years and excercise daily in the pool and/or play tennis 3/4 times per week! However the SIBO issue is not getting better and I would like some advice from anyone expeiencing similar health issues please!