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Tue, Feb 19 3:35pm · Climbing Stairs with PD in Parkinson's Disease

Remember to tell him, its the "forced pace" exercise that is most beneficial. Thai is going a little beyond what is normally comfortable when exercising – in general its: elevation of the heart rate, light perspiration, slight difficulty to talk while exercising, etc. Ask a PT..also there is several references in the PD literature and especially on the Davis Phinney site.

Tue, Feb 19 12:35pm · Climbing Stairs with PD in Parkinson's Disease

Stair climbing is not an issue with me. I am 59 and was diagnosed with PD 18 months ago. I have been exercising:
– walking,
– walking with trekking poles,
– lifting weights,
– riding stationary bike (gave up riding in the street since my accident)
– balance exercises, and
– Big and Loud exercises. I
believe the whole package of activities has keep me stable for now
I am not taking any meds.
I also believe diet has helped.

For whatever its worth 🙂

Dec 13, 2018 · Parkinson’s symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you.

Dec 11, 2018 · Parkinson’s symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

Thanks for asking about my recovery. I am dong very well. I see the Orthopedic Doc tomorrow, Last visit he said the ribs were calcifying and beginning to heal…we will see tomorrow. I am walking everyday now and averaging 8K steps (most days getting in 10K!). I have restarted my balancing exercises and also my BIG and LOUD exercises. I have been to Mayo for post concussion check and PD check. Concussion has healed and my PD is still mild and border line needing meds. PD Doc and I will re-evaluate after ribs heal and back to full strength exercising. My lung has cleared of fluid BUT will have residual scarring for a while. I have continued doing deep breathing exercises to try and regain the lung capacity that I have lost…Doc thinks I have a good chance to add more capacity but not optimistic about regaining 100%…we'll see.

Feeling much better overall. I have been convinced to retire from cycling. So when I am able, I will hit the pool for exercise….I was a collegiate swimmer so maybe its time to return to the water 🙂 I will also restart yoga and weight lifting when I can. Also my oldest son is a Tae Kwon Doe Instructor – he is going to begin working with me. He says he will incorporate some of the Rock Solid Boxing principles with martial arts flavor. I am looking forward to it.

I am planning on going back to work on January 2, 2019. It has been a while and think I am ready to start back.

All and all, God is good…All the time. And all the time…God is good.

Oct 10, 2018 · Parkinson’s symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

Hospitalized for just a day – very fortunate. I'll. Know more about the displaced rib in three weeks

Oct 10, 2018 · Parkinson’s symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

Other ribs are good so far. I'll know about my lung next Tuesday. I think my concussion is ok but not 100 percent sure due to the pain meds make me a little loopy. 😜. Every day is a little better. I have been walking up and down my street and feeling ok but brings on the rib pain. I try and do a little more each day. So far so good.

Oct 9, 2018 · Parkinson’s symptoms in Parkinson's Disease

Well….the PD back pain is the least of my worries. On August 25 I had a major cycling accident. Broke 9 ribs (5 were displaced) concussion (lost consciousness for a few minutes), bruised lung, etc. since the accident I have been "tapped" twice pulling 1.5 liters of blood and fluid from my right chest cavity and then again another 1.2 liters of fluid from same area. I have one rib under scapula which is not healing as well as it should be and may need a plate and screws. So…right now dealing with accident recovery.
Other than that, I am well 😀

Aug 15, 2018 · Excercise and Sinemet in Parkinson's Disease

I am lifting weights and have found it to be helpful to maintaining core strenght and physical fitness. I consulted with a PT who is PD knowledgeable. He suggested that I do one or two sets at a weight that I can handle doing 20-25 repetitions (without straining and able to complete the full range of motion for the exercise). I was diagnosed with PD a year ago and have been going to the gym ever since – I lift weights 2-3 times per week. It has really helped me physically and especially with my balance. I would consult your MD and PT before starting. I do a full body workout – working all the major muscle groups (hams, quads, glutes, abuductors, adductors, lats (back), shoulders/press, rows (back), bench (chest), curls (biceps), triceps (deltoids), and abs (stomach). I finish the gym with balance and stretching. AND make sure your DRINK WATER.
For whatever its worth,