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Oct 1, 2017 · Heart Leaks in Heart & Blood Health

Hi. I also have had flutters since 20 yrs old that no one could catch on testing. I’m now 65 and over the years it’s worsened to now, it’s full blown flutter and then fast heart rate to 180 bpm or a thud and it immediately races, but now at this age it’s so much worse and I have to immediately lay down. I take beta blocker and lay still and wait till it kicks in and slowly the heart goes back to a normal rate OR there’s a thud and it suddenly returns to normal. Once in all these years it wouldn’t go back to normal and I had to go to the ER and they gave me something intravenously that slowed it. There’s been talk about a surgical procedure that creates a scar tissue on the heart to divert the bad signal or something like that. I’m trying to get by the way it is without surgery that scares me. It happens seriously enough to interfere in my life averaging once a week now. I’m sure getting even older and if it gets even worse, the heart can’t take that fast rate for long and could have a heart attack, so someday surgery may be better than a heart attack. I think this is a common disorder. I still don’t really know the name for it. Bundle branch block?

Aug 17, 2017 · leaky heart valve and enlarged heart chamber in Heart & Blood Health

which comes first? enlarged heart that causes valves to leak or leaky valve that causes heart to enlarge? Does it matter to know which came first?