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Sep 28, 2017 · I have started sweating after eating. Anyone else? in Women's Health

He was able to prevent the episodes by avoiding the foods that triggered the problem.

Sep 27, 2017 · I have started sweating after eating. Anyone else? in Women's Health

After gastric surgery my brother in law experienced what he called dumping syndrome and it was triggered by certain foods. He avoided all intensely sweet desserts. His surgery was for stomach ulcers that could not be cured medically and was probably done before gastroscopy with fiberoptic scopes were perfected. He said it was like what you describe and very unpleasant.

Aug 13, 2017 · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

I am a retired operating room nurse and would like to share my story. In 2010 (age 64) I had a bladder prolapse. The surgeon I was referred to discussed surgery with me and I consented to a vaginal hysterectomy and cystocele repair. The hysterectomy was being done because my uterus was retroverted and this, according to my specialist, could cause my bladder problem to reoccur after surgery. I did have complications during the surgery due to my bowel being adhered (stuck to) my uterus and the surgeon was considering switching to an abdominal approach but persisted and managed to free the uterus, remove it and then repair the prolapse. I am very sure of these facts because my surgery was done in the operating room where I worked for more than 25 years and the anesthetist, and the staff present were all personal friends. A contributing cause was that after my abdominal tubal ligation (about 1988) I had a bowel obstruction that was due to post surgical adhesions. We waited that one out (opted for medical treatment) and I spent a week in hospital with a naso- gastric tube in my stomach which was attached to suction to keep my stomach empty and I existed on intravenous fluids. The adhesions ‘broke free’ and my bowel function returned and I have had no further bowel problems. So this is why I have opted to avoid surgery if I have an alternative. Some Seven years later, I have a bladder prolapse ( developing over a couple of years) that was protruding through the vaginal opening. I saw my surgeon and he tried fitting pessaries (2 types). Because I have no uterus these would not stay in place. He referred me to a pessary clinic in a larger city and made me an appointment with a physiotherapist specializing in pelvic floor strengthening. I have a long wait to get in to see the pessary clinic and in the meantime I have had 4 physio sessions over 8 weeks and regardless of what direction my treatment takes, I will have the info and supervision I need to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. This whole problem has many treatment/management choices and each person’s problem can be unique as their solutions may need to be. Please ask me any questions. BTW I have Blue Cross which will cover $350 of Physio and then I need to decide if I need more and can I afford to have more.

Aug 14, 2017 · Want to discuss prolapse bladder or any kind of prolapse in Women's Health

Hi Pizon and I wish I could be of help. I was not aware of pelvic floor spasms and they do not sound like something I would wish to experience. I will ask my physiotherapist for some info about them when I see her at the end of August. I have learned a lot from my therapist. I never knew that a person should never empty their bladder ‘just because’ – she says that that habit will train your bladder to want to be emptied more often than necessary and ultimately cause it to have a decreased capacity. I always would go to the BR before leaving home ‘just in case’. Today I did not do that. I drove half an hour, golfed 9 holes, rode home while consuming a 581ml bottle of water and then emptied my bladder back at home. I don’t think I could have done that 2 months ago before starting my pelvic floor exercises.and I had no full bladder discomfort at all. Wishing you the best.