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17 hours ago · Adrenal Cancer. in Cancer

Thank you so much for the update. I hope all goes well for you.

17 hours ago · Adrenal Cancer. in Cancer

yesterday was her first day with Radiology taking about their plan of action for her. Once I am updated I may be helpful here. Thanks for the links

3 days ago · Adrenal Cancer. in Cancer

Has anyone out there had proton radiotherapy for their Adrenal Cancer if so what was their experiences and where did they have the treatments.

Tue, May 7 12:51am · Polymyalgia rheumatica in Autoimmune Diseases

Thanks John, Very sorry I miss quoted my Doc and she did not say " because it's time" that was all my Thought. All of my test continue to be in the normal range (CRP and sed rate among others). The results of my recent MRI was not good. My pain is mainly in one arm ususally after i slept on it. I continue to work with a PT to increase my flexibility. I have slowly tapered over the last 20 months as directed by my rheumatologist and now on 1mg every other day and will go off Prednisone soon. I had a relaspe last year and had to go back to 5mg and I realize may have to go back on prednisone at some time in the future.
I very much appreciate all you do.

Tue, Feb 26 7:20pm · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

Thank you so much. I am going keep a log on the items you suggested and see how it goes.

Tue, Feb 26 9:02am · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

Thank you. I generally sleep on my back and use a full face mask. Strange but the higher number is usually every 4th day. I will pay attention to how I sleep and the seal score to see if any trend.

Mon, Feb 25 11:29pm · How to reduce my events while using my Cpap in Sleep Health

I track my events, usage, seal and total score daily on Myair which is a Resmed product. I have used a Cpap machine for about 6 months and have had good success however my events seem stay below 5 for a few days and then jumps up to 8 or 9 for a day and then goes back to below 5.. It seems to be a regular pattern however I have not been able to determine why my events go up. Any suggestions are ideas on how to reduce my events would be great.

Mon, Feb 18 4:48pm · Cpap and sleep in Sleep Health

I read about a Doctor who does the surgery however I understand if you have the surgery you can not get a MRI in the future. You might want to check that out.