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Fri, Aug 9 12:07am · Ca 27.29 consistently the 40’s in Breast Cancer

Mine has been in the 40's & 50's over the past 18 months – the most recent (4 months apart) were 54.6, 53.6 & 53, most recently. My oncologist ordered a PET scan this week and the results showed NED. She is going to keep an eye on it but reiterated that tumor markers have a large margin of error.

Jul 25, 2018 · Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with TNBC (rt breast) in Feb 2016 and had bilateral mastectomy followed by chemo. Planned tx was AC-T but I had an immediate reaction to the Taxol (elevated blood pressure, racing heart). I then started AC treatment but after the second cycle I ended up in the ER with pancreatitis. My oncologist then switched me to GemCarbo and I was able to complete tx with no side effects. I just had a PET scan and breast MRI last month and there was no evidence of disease.

Jul 13, 2018 · Mastectomy and Reconstruction (or not) in Breast Cancer

I had a double mastectomy with expanders in February 2016 followed by chemo. Due to the aggressive grade of my tumor (grade 3; triple negative), my doctors advised waiting a year before having reconstructive surgery. In March 2017 I had DIEP flap reconstruction and am very pleased with the results. I chose DIEP flap because I didn't want any foreign materials in my chest and I was told that implants can cause one to feel cold (and I already have cold sensitivity). As someone mentioned earlier; it is critical you have a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon perform the procedure as it does involve micro surgery in order to connect a blood supply to the transported tissue (be sure to interview several doctors before making a final selection).