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Thu, Jun 25 11:49pm · Icy feet and ankles with Small Fiber Neuropathy....anyone? in Neuropathy

@artscaping Chris, I suspect it's just a matter of when those particular nerves are damaged enough to cause the sensation of cold feet. "Nerve damage, known as neuropathy, can also cause cold feet. In this case, the person senses a cold sensation because the nerves that detect temperature are not working correctly. The feet do not feel cold to the touch, although the person may feel numbness or a pins-and-needles sensation.Sep 16, 2019"

Causes of cold feet – Harvard Health

Wed, Jun 24 3:01pm · Icy feet and ankles with Small Fiber Neuropathy....anyone? in Neuropathy

Same here, John. My feet "think" that they're freezing, but they're not cold to touch. Weird!

Wed, Jun 24 2:48pm · Icy feet and ankles with Small Fiber Neuropathy....anyone? in Neuropathy

@artscaping The first symptom of SFN I experienced back in June 2016 was cold feet, and that's continued as a constant.

Fri, Jun 12 1:46pm · Neuropathic Knee Pain Etc. in Neuropathy

@sunnyflower I have both Small fiber and Large fiber neuropathy (plus a load of spine issues, but I won't bore you with those ;-)I'm completely numb from my waist down to the bottom of my feet, yet I get really intense pain in both legs, particularly around my knees. My local osteopath ordered x-rays of both knees and both hips, and those showed some osteoarthritis, but not enough to explain the intense pain at my knees. I'm heading up to Mayo in late July for a week of appointments with doctors in Pain Medicine where they will address both my issues with neuropathy and my very arthritic, scoliotic spine. Wish me luck!

Fri, Jun 12 10:49am · Living with Neuropathy - Welcome to the group in Neuropathy

@pfbacon Wow! That's unacceptable service on the part of the pharmacy. Definitely time to find a better pharmacy service.

Wed, May 27 12:54pm · JAMA article: What Should I Know About Opioids & Living With Pain? in Neuropathy

@colleenyoung I felt it was worth sharing because so many of us on Connect are looking for ways to control our pain, and think we must be mindful of potential dangers.

Tue, May 26 4:47pm · B-6 vitamin danger! in Neuropathy

Regarding the discussions about B6 and B12, it's important to remember that every individual is different, and our individual need for those B vitamins and other vitamins is different. Some of us need more than the suggested daily allowance.