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Sun, Mar 22 1:35pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

Okay guys ,I don't know who your transplant team, but I've been taking Vit.C for years. My transplant team, knows I take it and have never told me not to, not once have I ever had a problem with rejection, and I've had my transplant for 5 years, but I do most defiantly agree that avoiding additives in processed foods, and eating healthy.

Sat, Mar 21 9:07pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

I'm sorry, but I have to disagree with you. First are immune system suppression, is a little more complicated than that. Are Immune suppressants , target specific immune cells. If in fact you say that you shouldn't take higher doses of Vit C, then it would be the same to say, you can't eat oranges, tomatoes, bananas, etc., which are high in Vit. C , now as far as the herbs go, you do have to be carful with those, because there are some that do directly affect absorption of are immune suppressers. Long and short, make sure you do your research, from reliable sources, probably the best thing you can do is not eat junk food, soda, drink plenty of water .

Mon, Mar 9 8:45pm · Kidney transplant - The Journey from the Donor's Side in Transplants

I don't go against, the transplant team, but their are different areas of the immune system, and our drugs are focused on a certain area, I have been taking Vit.C for years and it has never affected my kidney transplant, and Vit.C would not have any effect on tac. level, you do need to stay away from grapefruit juice, as it will affect the way your tac. is absorbed be diligent in how you eat and what you drink as there are many things that can have an effect on your total health, but you are doing the right thing by having a conversation with your transplant team.

Mon, Mar 9 6:02pm · Kidney transplant - The Journey from the Donor's Side in Transplants

Kidney patients, should never take Advil, as it is filtered by the kidneys. I usually take a lot of Vit.C when I get sick, stay away from junk food and unnecessary sugar, as it inhibits your immune system. Drink plenty of fluids, no soda!

Dec 30, 2019 · Anyone have tips on sun protection? in Transplants

It is true, of course that transplant patients are more susceptible to skin cancer, however, I've seen a bunch of over kill. You need to pay close attention to the sunscreen that you use, I think it might have been last year, that they found that some of the sunscreen had some bad ingredients that made just as bad as not wearing any. We didn't get a transplant to be hermits, but we should be mindful of how we go about our daily lives, enjoy your life, but live smart.

Dec 18, 2019 · Why doesn't Missouri and Kansas accept live liver donors in Transplants

I am so sorry that your friend passed because a liver was not available. My thought's and prayers are with you.

Dec 5, 2019 · Cellcept and increased creatinine in Transplants

I am confused about the conversation on diet, as far as I know there are no restrictions for transplants, except for things that interact with meds. I saw bananas, oranges, those might have been a no no on dialysis, but not transplant….so I'm confused, unless you have a quick rise in your creatinine.