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Fri, Sep 11 2:47pm · Weaning off of immunosupreesants w/ Liver Transplant in Transplants

I've never had any, but they can mess with your Gi tract.

Sat, Sep 5 4:30pm · Taking probiotics after liver transplant in Transplants

This is true for the most part, they don't like natural methods, they say they are not approved ,by the FDA. I've seen alternative medicine work, it has been suppressed but some cancer centers have started using alternative methods, stem cell is very complicated, you don't hear much about ti today, I know a transplant surgeon in Texas, who works in that is working with them, he helped with on my transplant in 98 and 2000. I do agree somewhat that they suppress, the natural, but it is less than previous years.

Fri, Aug 21 3:11pm · Live vs inactivated COVID vaccine for transplant patients? in Transplants

The vaccine for COVID-19, is different than any other vaccine, in that its a mRNA vaccine, never been used before. I would be cautious about this on, mRNA vaccine's haven't been used before. There's a couple of articles the New England Journal of Medicine, I would recommend reading , just do a search on their main page.

Wed, Aug 12 7:40am · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

I don't, I live in North Carolina and goto UNC Chapel Hill.

Wed, Aug 12 12:09am · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

Kidney, 2015, myfortic and tacrolimus

Tue, Aug 11 8:21pm · Shingles Vaccine (Shingrix): Is it advisable for transplant patients? in Transplants

I have had Covid19, all I had was a dry cough….nothing else, I am worried about the way this virus in going. I don't think the truth is being told and numbers are miss represented. I'm also concerned about this vaccine, it is being run through very quick and its an mRna vaccine, I personally don't want anyone messing with my DNA…I will not be getting the vaccine, I will do as I've always done ……practicing good hygiene, and regardless of what the experts are telling you, there is no cure for a virus, only maintenance. I mean I could die of pneumonia, I don't mind wearing the mask for a while but we have to get back to normal, or there'll be other consequences, other than the virus.

Mon, Apr 20 7:37am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

I'm a kidney transplant patient, so far I have not herd of a shortage or had trouble getting any. Don't worry about the things you can't control, it does not do your overall health any good, stay the course, do what you know to do….and you'll get through this stuff. God Bless

Sun, Mar 22 1:35pm · COVID-19 and Transplant Patients in Transplants

Okay guys ,I don't know who your transplant team, but I've been taking Vit.C for years. My transplant team, knows I take it and have never told me not to, not once have I ever had a problem with rejection, and I've had my transplant for 5 years, but I do most defiantly agree that avoiding additives in processed foods, and eating healthy.