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Thu, Apr 11 6:31am · Multivitamins Post Liver transplant in Transplants

it's safe to take a multi-vitamin after transplant, as far as which one just make sure you do your research on the product company. As far as the Vit.C, it has a multitude of benefits, and many functions in the body. You couldn't take enough Vit. C to counter the effects of your anti-rejection medicine, it works in a different way. Hope that helps.

Wed, Apr 3 7:49pm · Belatacept in Transplants

I don't know anything about Belatacept, I was on Serolimus one time, but mostly its been Prograff and Myfortic.

Wed, Apr 3 7:43pm · Primary Biliary Cholangitis and Autoimmune Hepatitis in Transplants

I think the easy answer about the doctor's is that they want to hear you tell them what is going on its just a way to get a dialogue going to get a read, of where you're at, with your health. They just need to hear from your own lips what you're feeling.

Fri, Mar 29 9:34pm · Belatacept in Transplants

I am 4yrs. post transplant, my level runs between 8 and 9. It changed when they changed from prograff, to Tac. which is the generic, which absorbs slightly different. I get my labs checked every month, but we are all different and our bodies act differently, plus like you said different meds. can have different effects, on the other. Hope that your heart is doing well…blessings

Wed, Mar 27 5:16pm · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

It's different for each person, but as a general rule, limit sugar and junk carbs. After that there are many factors involved, that have to be sorted out, blood work and hormone levels etc.

Sat, Feb 2 2:45pm · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

I am always talking to doctors, and nurses. We need to have a synced, or what ever the best word would be. A doctor should be able, to put in my information, name, birth date, etc., and get all my medical information.

Fri, Feb 1 6:32pm · Kidney transplant: My 4 year anniversary in Transplants

Today is my four year anniversary of my fourth kidney transplant, which was done at UNC Chapel Hill.

Fri, Jan 4 10:00am · Liver transplant support group in Transplants

Not everyone knows the abbreviations for the conditions, so if you're going to use the abbreviations, put the actual term in quotations. Thanks