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Tue, Jul 9 7:38pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants


Tue, Jul 9 6:47pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

2015 and they were substantial, more than I expected but I have to clarify. I've had four transplants, so my chemistry was different already .

Tue, Jul 9 3:03pm · Changes after Transplant in Transplants

I think that my, thought process changed or maybe better said my mood. It was like I had gained a part of me that had been lost, which in one way was good, but then I started to get depressed. Now that I'm farther out from my transplant, it is getting better.

Fri, Jun 28 7:48am · Post kidney transplant issues in Transplants

A little over 4 years post transplant, and the kidney has hydronephrosis ( swelling) , their are going to put a tube through the kidney wall into the collection duct, there’s a name for this which I will not attempt to spell, it relieve’s the pressure in the kidney and they can find the blockage or restriction.

Wed, Jun 19 4:58pm · Taking probiotics after liver transplant in Transplants

Really probiotics are not much different than yogurt, except their more concentrated, and yogurt is fine.

Thu, Jun 6 2:31pm · This and That and Talk - My Transplant in Transplants

Grapefruit juice and/ or grapefruits, should not be consumed, as they throw off the Tac. levels……I never herd anything about pomegranates. There is a shortage of the Tacrolimus, I had to switch, how many years out are you nMedicare should cover the immunosuppressants, for 3yrs., until they change the legislation.

Thu, Apr 11 6:31am · Multivitamins Post Liver transplant in Transplants

it's safe to take a multi-vitamin after transplant, as far as which one just make sure you do your research on the product company. As far as the Vit.C, it has a multitude of benefits, and many functions in the body. You couldn't take enough Vit. C to counter the effects of your anti-rejection medicine, it works in a different way. Hope that helps.

Wed, Apr 3 7:49pm · Belatacept in Transplants

I don't know anything about Belatacept, I was on Serolimus one time, but mostly its been Prograff and Myfortic.