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Nov 2, 2018 · Trouble sleeping after TKR in Joint Replacements

I too researched this sleeplessness last year. All I read and my surgeon said it's normal and only time will help. Good news is your sleep will come back but it going to be a very long time. Just keep trying to rest.

Oct 3, 2018 · burning sensation on knee in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I'll look foe the tea. I've also heard turmeric gives energy so interested in that. Thank You

Oct 3, 2018 · burning sensation on knee in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Hi whats your opnion on Turmeric pill vs liquid? Also you drink ginger, does gingerale work or how do you drink it?

Jul 13, 2018 · PT for TKR - Pain from stretching & Other rehab questions in Joint Replacements

I had bilateral TKR in Dec. I remember the back of both my knees going through a few weeks maybe a couple of months like that. One evening there was a really bad painful pop behind one of them It really caused a lot of pain, I thought I may have broken something. My PT said it probably was scarred tissue tearing. It helped in the long run. One thing I still do ro keep my knees flat is sit on floor or bathtub and push them down one at a time with both hands to be straight. Keep up the PT and it does get better. I still have to exercise mine good every couple of days. Hope you're better soon.

Jul 6, 2018 · Knee Replacement - Getting Prepared in Joint Replacements

Yikes sounds like your doing all you can. What do Therapist and Dr say? Do you think being a partial makes a difference? Sorry to hear this. Hopefully, time with your efforts will help too. Best of luck. Perhaps a second opinion would help.

Jul 6, 2018 · Knee Replacement - Getting Prepared in Joint Replacements

I play alot of tennis and waited 12 years and saw 3 surgeons doing all things available, sinvic shot series 3 times, cortisone shots every few months in the end. I was afraid to do it. They finally gave out on me one day allowing about 30 minutes per day of walking. Couldn't try PRP, waited to long. I regret putting it off for so long. I tell friends if Dr. says you need it DO IT. It is as good as your willing to do your rehab. I did robotic assist but others are happy without that. Robot gives better alignment of hip, knee, and foot bones which is what your goal will be. Be sure to read all online info on what you will need at home so your prepared. It was really painful so take your meds as prescribed to control that. You should expect not getting much sleep for a while. I read that but had a hard time sleeping even with Benedryl my doctor said that is normal and eventually I would sleep. Just be patient about that ( easy to say, hard to do ). Also, try to start doing arm and leg exercises before surgery to have that muscle strength to help while your knee heals. I say arms because I had both done at the same time and no strong leg to assist getting up etc. My arm strength was needed.

My doctor at Mayo also said I needed to go to rehab not in-house. Believe me, if you can get a ride to therapy getting there is extra rehab. I laughed to myself when the rehab therapy included simple motions like getting in and out of bed, standing, up from bed and chair, putting on shoes, socks, standing, getting into a car etc. There is probably more physical therapy in getting up, showering, getting dressed, and into the car than you will receive during the hour at therapy the first few of weeks.

He also wouldn't prescribe the ice machine or CPR "motion machine". He wanted to make me do all the work rather than a machine to keep it moving. My therapist said that's because the brain, muscle memory, isn't involved when it is done by CPR machine. At some point, your brain will have to work the knee so skip that step by doing rehab "Old School". I researched it and like my Dr. said it's 50-50 with or without it so no reason to not do it yourself and get stronger sooner. I can see that the ice machine would have been easier but read it's cold at night. I purchased a large gel ice pack like in a hospital online. It worked fine. And ice will be the best thing you can do often during the day and night.

With the TKR it is alot of work and I wish I had done it sooner. You must commit to rehab therapy. No short cuts. Good luck

May 7, 2018 · Post Total Knee Replacement - Pain and Burning in Joint Replacements

Thank you. Needed to hear that.

Apr 25, 2018 · Total Knee Replacement in Bones, Joints & Muscles

You may also want to constantly rub the tissue around your knee and incision. I am so afraid I will get scar tissue I still massage around the area often.