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Jan 22, 2018 · Nose cartilage pain, no redness or swelling in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Hi @nicleelee. I have some further info since my post on my experience, and we may have something different as I had new symptoms appear, but hopefully my info helps you out.

Beginning just after my last post (six months ago) the pain went away just after I completed my regimen of Cephalexin. I wasn’t sure if that was incidental or coincidental as the pain seemed to always go away after a week anyway. Sure enough, about a week later the pain returned, and during the next two months I’d get it just on the lower left side of my nose every two weeks, and it’s last about one week.After this happened a few times I also began to get a small bump inside the lower left side of my nostril, close to the opening of the nose. I’d have the pain and bump for about a week, then it’d go away and appear a week or so later. I made a trip back to the doctor thinking it might possibly be a clogged pore or ingrown hair, but I had no further success as I was giving medication that didn’t seem to work.

In the late fall of last year I then started to get a slight redness at the bottom of my nose on the outside each time I’d get the pain and small bump inside my left nostril. I then very amateurishly self-diagnosed myself with nasal vestibular furunculosis. I then did a little home remedy twice a day that I found online, where I’d mix a small amount of hydrogen peroxide with baking soda, which I’d then apply inside my nose with a Q-Tip. After letting this solution dry, I’d then apply a small amount of Neosporin ointment inside my nose. In a few days the problem went away. I never experienced in my head while pressing on the nose, as all discomfort remained local.

I hope you can find a solution for your issues soon!

Jul 26, 2017 · Nose cartilage pain, no redness or swelling in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Hi. Thanks for the outreach.

There has not been any trauma to my nose, and I have not experienced any fevers. I was able to trek across the city (I am in Boston) to an urgent care clinic late yesterday. They didn’t give a clear diagnosis, but said I seem to have some type of infection and prescribed me on seven days of Cephalexin (500mg per dose, three times per day). I was told to keep a close eye out fever, swelling or redness and to return should any appear to see if this might be cellulitis.

In the interim I was advised to apply a warm compress to my nose up to six times a day, at five minutes at a time.

No changes to report in my condition yet, but I’ve only taken two doses of the antibiotic at this time.


Jul 23, 2017 · Nose cartilage pain, no redness or swelling in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Hello. About five days ago, in the middle of the afternoon, I suddenly had pain on the lower right side of my nose. if I didn’t touch this area, the pain was about a 2 out of 10, but when I would press the outside of my nose at all the pain would increase to around a 6 out of 10. I had no redness or swelling, no nasal drip, and no pain across the bridge of my nose. This pain decreased the next morning and was gone by the end of that night, without any medication.

Today, I woke up with sinus drip, though that is now gone by the evening as I type this. However, beginning a few hours ago, I now have similar pain to what I had five days go. The difference now is that it’s only located on the lower left side of my nose. Again, there is no redness, no swelling and no pain around the bridge of my nose. The other difference is that today is more painful than five days ago (5 out of 10 when not touched, around an 8 when touched).

I am in good health otherwise and am not on any medications. I keep trying to search to see what I may have, but everyone I find who describes this type of pain also mentions having swelling and/or redness, which I do not have. My only change in behavior is recently I have started to use a shampoo with tea tree oil in it, which shouldn’t trigger this type of response (so far as I can find).

My PCP is on vacation this week and the other doctor in his office is not someone I have had positive experiences with, to put it mildly. Any insights or recaps of similar incidents are appreciated.