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Jul 24, 2017 · transverse myelitis in Brain & Nervous System


I have TM. I was diagnosed in June 2011. I have a longitudinally extensive lesion nearly the length of my spinal cord. Initially I was paraplegic for four months. After being treated with plasmapheresis at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, I began to see improvement. After 6 months of aggressive outpatient physical therapy, I learned to walk again. However, I have bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction. Additionally, I have tremendous pain most of the time. I’m on gabapentin, clonazapam and hydrocodone. There is a point where you peak on your recovery, but continued physical therapy along with a strict choice in diet can help tremendously. Who is your neurologist and where? And do you do physical therapy?

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Jul 19, 2017 · Looking for info or someone with transverse myelitis in Brain & Nervous System

TM is indeed rare and there isn’t much that can be done once the initial attack is over. My attack was also idiopathic. I was paraplegic, and after being treated with plasmapheresis, I began to improve rapidly. I walk now. I have weakness, fatigue, pain and balance issues. I also have bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction. It seems like the hope of curing TM could lie in stem cell therapy. Hopefully the day comes soon where we can have our myelin regenerated. I would suggest getting an appointment at Mayo, UT Southwestern, John’s Hopkins or the TM Clinic in Birmingham. Did your husband get treated with plasmapheresis?