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Jul 15, 2017 · Have no answers and concerned. in Heart & Blood Health

Im a 41 yr old female whom had a procedure back in Nov 2016.Upon waking and being alert was told i should get my heart checked asap as it went from slow to racing and back to slow several times ..For days after a noticed palpatations that occured several times a min most bothersome at night while trying to sleep. Contacted my doctor and after reviewing my borderline abnormal ekg and what i had to say,started me on coreg 6.25 mg 2xs a day.Refered me to a cardiologist.Finally in April did a echo and stress test. AND just 2 days ago July 13th got the results.
Doc said the echo was normal result.Stress test which i only did 9 mins due to bp being high causing a headache.He said that looked good with only borderline abnormality. I said my goal was to get off meds..He said my verapamil most likely i could in time with exersice,weightloss,diet,but highly unlikely on the coreg..But i want to know what went wrong in my heart causing me to need the beta blocker especially with good test results.
Concerned now if i even needed the beta blocker to begin with.Help please?