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Wed, Mar 18 7:11pm · Epidiolex in Epilepsy & Seizures

Thanks for the Information. 😁❤️

Mon, Mar 16 11:51pm · Epidiolex in Epilepsy & Seizures

Do any of you Adults take Epidiolex for your Seizures And does it reduce the amount of them? What type of side effects do you get from Epidiolex?

Fri, Jan 24 1:38pm · Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy in Epilepsy & Seizures

I’ve been looking for the right person to talk to I just haven’t found the right one yet but I’m still looking.

Fri, Jan 24 1:35pm · Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy in Epilepsy & Seizures

I’ve had the Epilepsy with the partial complex seizures for 44 years. When I first got the seizures It took time for me to understand what the seizures were, and the seriousness before I could explain to anybody else. I always tell people when I meet them that I have epilepsy and the seriousness of them that if I have one to sit me down because I have Auras in some seizures but not all seizures, and I black out in all seizures, if I’m not sitting down I will or can fall down. I don’t want to be in the hospital after a seizure. That’s probably where the fear comes into my life. I do a lot of things and go to a lot of places. I do have anxiety. People are rude and ignorant who make jokes of people who have seizures.

Thu, Jan 23 11:21pm · Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy in Epilepsy & Seizures

I have fear of going places because in the past years I have fallen down and broken some of my ribs while having a seizure. My husband has caught me many times from falling but at times he’s not always right next to me.

Thu, Jan 23 11:19pm · Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy in Epilepsy & Seizures

the partial complex seizures started when i was 10 years old, in catholic grammar school. After the seizures the kids made fun of me because they didn't understand them and it hurt my feelings. Even after high school I had seizures and people made fun of me until I was 19 years old and found my boyfriend to be husband that I’m still with today. He always stood in front of me and stopped rude people from making fun of me and mocking me out.

Thu, Jan 23 9:52pm · Psychiatric Problems Associated With Epilepsy in Epilepsy & Seizures

Have any of you seen a Psychiatrist for the Psychiatric problems that an epileptic will have, such as fear, depression, moods, anxiety, and many other emotional problems? I was made fun of by kids and I’m in my 50’s. Let me know. I have a fear of leaving my house when going to a lot of places. Do any of you have this problem?

Feb 12, 2018 · Living with epilepsy - Introduce yourself & meet others in Epilepsy & Seizures

Irene, I also have sensitivity to the flashing or strobe lights that will trigger my seizures. The Mayo Clinic will have a lot of information that will help answer a lot of questions. There is so much information in their site and the Epilepsy Foundation. There is a CBD Oil being introduced to help control seizures in children and now in adults. Your doctor and the Mayo Clinic may be able to give you the information to help you with The CBD Oils and a lot of other information regarding the seizures. God Bless You.