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Aug 30, 2017 · Help! Positive ANA with swelling, joint and muscle pain and brain fog in Autoimmune Diseases

Swollen legs hurt – and it ca be a big hurt. Are you sure you are using true compression socks or stockings? Do they go up to the knee? Do you stay on your feet too often? Even with proper compression socks you still need to be of your feet more than you are on your feet.

Aug 3, 2017 · Conflicting opinions from rhuemotologists in Chronic Pain

Sounds like rushing and not listening doctors. There is more of that these days. On the Lyme issue (still not trying to prove you have it) – there are only about two labs in the country (mainland) who truly can test for the more subtle indicators of Lyme, most doctors send blood to just any old labs. The Western Blot test has several indictors and a certain amount of them is needed to make the diagnosis, but the special labs I make reference to use a more proprietary testing method and then the doctors also need to be a little less stringent in markers. The CDC gives certain specifics on their web site but add that they are only research suggested guidelines – not the be all/end all for diagnosis. Dry mouth and dry eyes raises potential for sjogren’s syndrome – but I’m not and MD. See if you can find a more user friendly doc. It is scary to have medical issues and not enough answers.

Aug 2, 2017 · Conflicting opinions from rhuemotologists in Chronic Pain

There are so many other possible diagnoses. Read up on Lyme Disease. My wife had it, was not diagnosed until she educated herself enough and then found a “Lyme Knowledgeable” doctor. I am not saying you have Lyme, I’m saying you need to be more of your own advocate. No one doctor can know everything and no specialty can know everything either. In 1950 there was plenty of doctors that knew a lot but there is sooooo much more information and permutations that it has become impossible to cover it all. That is why we have specialists nowadays.

Aug 2, 2017 · How do you deal with high levels of pain in Spine Health

I was taking Tramadol every night, not to get me to sleep but to allow me to sleep and stay asleep for 5-6 hrs. The dehydration and constipation were major issues. I backed off as much as I could and then specifically took the med. an hour before I began a more demanding psychical therapy exercises and stationary bike exercise. I kept that up till I did not need to take the med. in order to do the PT and exercise. I rarely take any now as my PT and exercising has sustained me. There are flares that last from a minute or two to some 3 days in a row but I mostly stay away from the opiate for all the reasons most of us already know. I am not concerned about addiction in my case but others might need to be more concerned given their personal history and family history about addictions or propensity for addictions.

Jul 22, 2017 · Psoriatic Arthritis in Autoimmune Diseases

I do understand your issues of can’t do this and can’t do that because of something else. I have used a cane some since I was in high school after an operation on one knee at age 13. That is now my good leg. Nine years ago I tore my meniscus/tore medial and lateral ligaments and have to do daily physical therapy just to be able to walk. I have Type II Diabetes so have food/eating issues, but back in 2003 I suddenly became allergic to Aspirin and all other NSAIDs so cannot take over-the-counter pain/anti-inflammation meds. except for Tylenol which is only useful for mild pain. This allergy thing includes not being able to take or use any minty flavorings, ginger, grapes/raisins and certain artificial preservatives. So I used to take Tramadol daily, but never exceeding the prescription limits. But that leads to dehydration which contributes to constipation and dry mouth which is a problem for Diabetes. My leg issues are complicated by a history of broken ankle/complete break of same leg-shin bone. At age 72 there is dryness by aging. These various issues limit mobility which interfers with Diabetes and all of my arthritises. The Psoriatic Arth. often causes some depression as does Diabetes as does chronic pain as does not being able to do as much as I used to due to aging and all the various things listed above. Now I am more limited in hand grip and finger use even though my medications help. BTW – with my ability to get more involved with my own physical therapy I have been able to essentially eliminate the use of Tramadol and thus reduce frequency and severity of depression.

We each have to find our own paths to distractions and find more ways to increase our independence and reduction of pain. Forums like these, suggestions from members and also the Arthritis organization magazine, etc. all help – if nothing else they help by giving us new ideas or spark a creative twist that works for some of us. I now limit flying time to about 4 hrs. as it is torture to be in a little jail cell of a seat for a longer period of time. My wife and her adult kids have had to modify vacations accordingly. Our vacations after this year will have to be modified more. In part I look at life as – the price we pay in still living in to advancing age is the various medical and quality of life limitations. Beats the alternative.

Jul 21, 2017 · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

I find being out in nature is very calming. For those that can walk or walk sometimes – is one way to be out in nature. I find that just sitting in my backyard or on front porch works most of the time and I walk when I can (I have three kinds of Arthritis and other issues of mobility). I have various hobbies and some are more difficult to do at different times due to various health issues such as inflammatory flares, etc. But when you have various hobbies you can switch of to others. Sometimes just being focused on relaxing- a letting go rather than the movements of Yoga, Tai Chi. Each of us has to find what will work for us and experiment and give each new approach time to work.

Jul 13, 2017 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hi to all. I am 72 Y.O. and have 3 different forms of Arthritis – including Psoriatic Arth. Dx’d about 5 yrs. ago. I retired 6 months ago, in part, to better attend to physical therapy and exercises more consistently. I am allergic to NSAIDs and thus limited to either Tylenol or Opiate category meds. for pain. I have a variety of hobbies which I will be able to get more into now. There are various other medical issues which impact each other and contributes to some depression. Without Methotrexate and Enbrel I would not be able to function, I could hardly open my car door prior to those medications. I live in the metro-Chicago area and have limited ability to walk on the driveway when it is icy/slippery in Winter and my wife is left with doing the snow removal (she’s younger than I am). I help when I can, which varies according to the whims of my conditions. I hope all the readers/members of this group find the support, help and relief they seek.