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Jul 13, 2017 · Anaplasmosis in Infectious Diseases

Hi Rosemary, thank-you for your post. I am also an organ donar (kidney, 15 yrs ago). I had not heard of exercise induced asthma. Perhaps that is what i have which was triggered by the anaplsmosis–i will ask the pulmonary specialist about it at my appt on the 17th. I do know that shortness of breath is a long term effect of anaplasmosis (when i asked my GP about an inhaler (which helps my friends with asthma, etc), he said that an inhaler does not help with anaplasmosis. I hope to have answers on the 17th . Again, thank-you for your insight

Jul 13, 2017 · Anaplasmosis in Infectious Diseases

Thank-you, john bishop. I did not know about Google Scholar so i will try it–this is the first BLOG that i have ever joined and in the past i have only used google, yahoo, and bing so i am new to all of this–sincerely, kathy

Jul 12, 2017 · Anaplasmosis in Infectious Diseases

Hi, thank-you for your response. I have been on-line and read the CDC’s pages for Anaplasmosis as well as the Mayo Clinic’s pages and several other sites. My problem is that I was probably infected over a month ago. I had attributed my tiredness to doing too much, my achiness to my arthritis, and eventually the shortness of breath to my hiking (training for this Fall’s Camino de Santiago) on steeper hills in hotter, more humid weather. Therefore, I was not diagnosed & treated until my difficulty breathing was extreme. Since my pulmonary specialist appt. is not until 6weeks from now, my questions/concerns are related to the one thing that I am unable to find information on the internet so far:” prognosis for lung damage & difficulty breathing from anaplasmosis” . I realize that most people are treated for anaplasmosis in the early stage. I am being treated in the later stages and have a specific issue from it. Is there anyone in CONNECT who has had a similar experience w/the lung/shortness of breath who could share with me their outcome? In the meantime, I will click onto the the posts of those you have tagged for me. Thank-you for your help–Sincerely, Kathy

Jul 11, 2017 · Anaplasmosis in Infectious Diseases

I was diagnosed with anaplasmosis 2weeks ago, put on doxycycline and i STILL have a great deal of trouble breathing (i used to easily walk 10 miles and now have difficulty with stairs or walking just 200 feet). I understand that difficulty breathing is a long term effect of anaplasmosis but the earliest that the pulmonary specialist office “could fit me in” is 6 weeks from now. What are the ramifications of waiting this long–should i get pulmonary intervention sooner?