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Jul 9, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

That’s what I have, only diagnosed 6ish weeks ago, waiting on a surgery date. Mine is very large, 6″ x 4″ how did your treatment go? was it just surgery or radiation as well?

Jul 9, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

I had a MRI and CT scan last week. The discussion was for Wide Excision due to the size of the tumour. Unfortunately the dermatologist I was referred to 3 1/2 yrs ago said it was a keloid, He retired 2 yrs later and with no other dermatologist in Thunder Bay, my family doctor continued the injections, but after a short period she stated it didn’t look like a keloid but with no one to send me to she started the 1 1/2 yr search to find another dermatologist who would see me in Toronto. The referral system here takes forever and a yr later I finally seen him and he had the ball moving extremely swiftly. At this point I do not know what type, I was told a Pathologist would be involved once I’m in Toronto. My only visit there so far involved the Sarcoma Clinic at Princess Margret Hospital and then two surgeons from the Head and Neck Clinic at the General Hospital.

Jul 8, 2017 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

My name’s is Helen and I finally have been diagnosed with Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans. My turnour is very large measuring 6″x4″ and approx 1 1/2″ bubbled out. It is located at the bap of my neck with the top a fingers width from the base of my skull. For 3 1/2 yrs I’ve been misdiagonesed with a keloid and have been receiving corazone shots every three weeks. My tumour has easily tripled since the injections started. Once properly diagnosed things moved quickly. My results from two deep biopsies came back positive June 4 this year and I’m waiting a surgery date in Toronto, ON. Hoping for the best at this point. Thanks for the connection !!