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Apr 5, 2018 · Botox Injections placed near and/or around the Pyloric Sphincter. in Digestive Health

I had Botox injections at Mayo in Arizona a few weeks ago. There has been some improvement with the “emptying” process, only one bad bought of Constipation followed by Diarrhea. Placing the blame for that on a holiday weekend and my poor choices of food as well as amounts. My life long problem has been when it’s good eat more or do more. That’s not working with Scleroderma
I was told Botox can work for some up to a year? How many times did you have the injections before surgery and how long did they last?
Is the surgery In-Patient ? What was the recovery like?

Good news is other than GUT issues my doctors are pleased with Lung Improvement numbers and the overall tests for Scleroderma indicators have improved TPN is administered every night for 12 hours and I’m on a as you can tolerate diet. I had lost over 150 lbs and was 120lbs when I became a patient at the Mayo. I now weigh 160lbs
Thanks for sharing I attend our local chapters monthly Scleroderma meetings and there are very few men and no
one has identical problems or symptoms
All the best to you

Feb 28, 2018 · Esophagus issues in Digestive Health

Anyone who has had EGD WITH BOTOX INJECTIONS? Results ?

Nov 11, 2017 · Inability to stop diarrhea in Digestive Health

Yes I did have the POWER PORT surgically installed in mid October
My wife and I were being trained ( As we had been with the P.I.C.C. Line ) by the Home Care Nurses
The second day of training the nurse confirmed a temperature of 100.7 and said she had to report this to the Mayo staff
Two hours later after completing a two hour massage and feeling great I checked my voice mail and the Mayo’s message said report to the hospital’s emergency department immediately
I was admitted for 5 days numerous CT Scans
Lab works,
The infectious disease team was able to determine I had a blood infection and urinary Infection as well as E Coli bacteria infection
They concluded due to the infections that the POWER PORT was compromised and would need to be removed
They recommend going back to the PICC Line
THE first 3 days I was limited to clear liquids to rest the Gut
The last 2 days I could eat anything and did left hospital feeling better and for 2 to 3 days ate too much then the Constipation returned and extreme Bloating and Pain
Now on second straight day of Diarrhea
Two steps forward five steps back
Sent home with Levofloxacin antibiotics administered through PICC LINE daily
Wound from POWER PORT must be dressed and changed daily
Just living the dream

Oct 29, 2017 · [TIP] How to Use Connect: Step-by-step Instructions in Just Want to Talk

Are there any groups on the GUT only?
Specifically DIARRHEA , BLOATING, severe STOMACH PAIN???

Oct 23, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

Thanks for sharing
Where do you buy the Aloe Vera juice and Ginger Chews ?

Oct 14, 2017 · Inability to stop diarrhea in Digestive Health

Diagnosed with Scleroderma December of 2016
After one year of many doctors began treatments lost 70 lbs in less than one year unexplained
Since treatment began lost another 80 lbs
Was accepted at Mayo in Scottsdale June 28, 2017
Weight was 127
Gained 20 lbs with TPN and IVIG TREATMENTS
PROBLEM is severe Diarrhea
Have 2 good days and 4- to 5 bad days losing 10 or more lbs
GI team prescribed DIPHENOXYLATE- ATROPINE to replace IMODIUM
during that time I’ve consistently had Diarrhea everyday but one when I had horrible constipation
I’m scheduled for Surgery Monday am to install an IMPLANTABLE VASCULAR ACCESS DEVICE ( IVAD )
Can anyone advise how to stop the Diarrhea?
Should I cancel the surgery till feeding better?