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Jul 29, 2018 · Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy? in Neuropathy

Since 2010. While at work in 2008 I began to get lazy, lethargic and down right no drive. I went to the local Drs and for a year felt like a ping pong ball bouncing around all the "specialists" and being referred to another. I finally made it to a Dr who administered chemo to MAYO oncology patients. Within two weeks results came back as having developed Amaloidosis from "Agent Orange". After appealing to the MAYO for help, I was acceepted into a pilot program to use cancer treatment chemo to place it into remission. All this began in 2010 and side effects were to be neuropathy for 60 months and then disapate or not at all. Guess what, 8 years later it is worsening. Because the amaloids attached themselves to the heart lining, kidneys and lungs thre is no regeneration. Sex, or lack of sexual drive was also a side effect. Again it would return after 6 months or not at all. You guessed it. Not. Yes Gabepentin was a little help but is extruded thru the kidneys damaging them further so has been halted by my wonderful DRs at MAYO. My suggestion is to go to MAYO where they will find body parts guilty by association to prevent worsening side effects.

Jul 14, 2018 · Current diagnosis is Amyloidosis and multiple myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

It is in remission. There is an ever so slight increase as time goes by, but nothing to be concerned over at this time of it returning. The main concern is the Kidneys. I am still followed by the wonderful team work of the MAYO Dr's for the Heart & Kidneys. There may be a chance of dialysis in the future, that is why my son and I are trying to get our traveling done before it must be curtailed. But keeping track of all the refills and restraints put on some refills our timing must be paid attention to. Again but, the damages done are irreversable is a problem. I love those who have assisted me in surviving past that 6 month time frame.

Jul 13, 2018 · Current diagnosis is Amyloidosis and multiple myeloma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

In 2010 I became very sick and lethargic having to go on medical disability from my current job. I live in Prescott, AZ area and bounced around for months to different Doctor's for my many ailments. My wife, rest her soul, pushed until I was excepted by MAYO to be under their care. A local Dr. who works with MAYO finally drilled in to my hip bone and had the sample diagnosed as "Amyloidosis". My wife also forced thru the VA who finally determined all/most of my ailments due to "Agent Orange"(this took 6 months and having to send six duplicate copies. This was before they started getting their act together.). I was finally seen by two MAYO Dr's and received extensive chemo so it would be in remission. There is no cure, the damage is done and may increase in small increments. A few months after chemo I was told three alarming things about my treatments. 1) The life expectancy was normally 6 mo's, been 8 yr's ; 2) That I would get Neuropathy that would go away after 6 mo's, or not at all. Of course mine has been with me since chemo and increasing. 3) Sex drive wont be maybe for 6 mo's, or OK, then start to return or not. Of course since 2010 it hasn't revisited. BUT, MAYO has done right by me and I ain't look'in up at roots. They have been Angels in my pocket.