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Wed, Jul 3 10:18pm · Pericardial Resection/Window - HFpEF, Pericardial Effusion in Heart & Blood Health

I have hf with pef and no usual symptoms. I try to walk 4-5 times per week. I walk 1 1/2 miles in 30 minutes. I am experiencing some tiredness but just upped metoprolol and that seems to have increased fatigue. I am in Afib all the time and the Drs. are controlling the rate with meds. I have not heard of this clinical trial. Sure hope it works.

Sun, Mar 10 9:55am · Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium in Heart & Blood Health

They have a new farm raised salmon out of Antarctica. Haven’y tried it because I feel the same way about farmed fish. The company is Sixty South.

Wed, Feb 27 10:00pm · Diastolic dysfunction in Heart & Blood Health

I have diastolic dysfunction and I would suggest you see a cardiologist. Personally, I would recommend Mayo, if possible.

Tue, Feb 26 8:01pm · Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium in Heart & Blood Health

I’ll have to give that a try.😊

Tue, Feb 26 6:50pm · Salty Facts – Heart Failure and Sodium in Heart & Blood Health

We eat very little processed food. I do read food labels and it’s amazing how much sodium is added. We eat a lot of chicken and fresh veggies. I make most of our meals from scratch and I love to bake. I tend to use less salt than recipes call for. When you get used to eating less sodium you can really tell the difference when you go out for dinner.

Sat, Feb 9 2:29pm · Palpitations in Heart & Blood Health

I take 50 mg of Metoprolol everyday and I did notice tiredness and a little dizziness too. That was about all the reaction I had. It usually gets better after the first couple of weeks. Good luck!

Wed, Jan 30 12:08pm · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Sounds like good words of advice to live by. Thanks for sharing.👍🏻

Wed, Jan 23 2:11pm · Confused about Stiff Heart, Diastolic Heart Failure, or HFpEF? in Heart & Blood Health

I’ve been told to exercise 6 days per week. I usually manage 5-6 days and I walk 1 1/2 miles at 3 mph. I can do arm exercises with 3-5 lb. weights but no more than that. Consult with your Dr. first, of course. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and it all began with Afib. The heart pounding i’m not sure about. Hope this helps!!