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Thu, May 21 10:09am · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

I have headaches but most of mine are likely from cervical disc issues. I still have the main dermoid (behind my right eye, next to sylvian fissure) very much in tact but pieces throughout. Yes, he did say those would stay, even if surgery was ever done. Thankfully, mine have not caused trouble but that is what I have read can be the main issue – such as what you mentioned with chemical meningitis. I have a repeat scan next Tuesday, so praying for "no change". My neurosurgeon is Dr. James Markert at UAB. We will have a tele visit follow up after my MRI is done here. He has been seeing me since July 1, 2011 if you ever wanted another opinion. His team is, at least, used to viewing mine annually 🙂

Mon, Feb 17 11:15am · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

I would love an update on your granddaughter. I hope that she is doing well with no problems. I love that you cared to reach out to help find others in a similar situation.

Mon, Feb 17 11:13am · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

I originally posted this and have failed to keep up reading these responses. It is so refreshing to know others are dealing or have dealt with the same or similar. I hate it for everyone. My last appointment did show that it appears a tiny bit of leakage may be occurring again. He did not want to do anything still but he is seeing me in a shorter amount of time. I did break down. I still have not sent my info out to the neurosurgeron at Brigham & Women's because I know he will want to take it out. I would love updates from all of you! Thank you so much for sharing. My NS is currently at UAB so at least we know he has experience with one (me). ha. He does seem to make me not worry as much because he is just hopefuly nothing ever happens.

Jul 3, 2017 · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

Thank you for the reply. That does give me some reassurance, believe it or not. Just to know someone else is leaving it alone. Mine I located in my temporal lobe adjacent to the sylvian fissure and the ruptured pieces are spread throughout but have not changed. I did meet a neurosurgeon from a hospital in Boston at a conference a couple of weeks ago that said he would probably lean towards taking it out but did say he is more aggressive with tumors and would just recommend another opinion. I don’t think either option is that comforting…leaving it in or brain surgery :/ Thanks for the reply!

May 31, 2017 · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

Yes. This is one that typically occurs during development (in utero). This can give you more peace since I have been fine up until this point. I think, because it is so rare, I would just love to know there are others out there living with the same thing with no symptoms. 🙂 Thank you so much for your responses and time.

May 31, 2017 · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

I failed to mention the discovery was after a car accident where I just had a bad headache and they did a CT.

May 31, 2017 · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

I actually have not had it removed. Since I have had no real neurological symptoms, my neurosurgeon does not want to touch it. I am just followed on an annual basis. He said the worst thing we are hoping for is that I am just aware it is there. That is my prayer but it can be nerve wracking.

May 31, 2017 · Ruptured dermoid brain tumor in Brain Tumor

Has anyone else been diagnosed with a ruptured dermoid brain tumor? So little info out there. I feel fortunate and blessed with no real symptoms to this point other than headaches but wondering if anyone else out there.