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May 29, 2017 · Scoliosis - Introduce yourself and meet others in Spine Health

@JustinMcClanahan – thank you so much for starting this discussion. I’ve been looking for a place to talk about my scoliosis with others, and am very glad to have stumbled up on this and feel most comfortable here. Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with scoliosis in ’93 when I was about 12. It progressed until at age 15, it was 47 degrees and I had to have a spinal fusion in ’96 with a Harrington rod to correct it. I did very well post-surgery, and could do almost everything. I have camped, hiked, kayaked, ziplined, done 5k walks, etc. All with caution of course.

Now however, I’ve had to go back to the orthopedist, I’ve got sigmoid scoliosis, I’m now getting a thoracic curve in addition to another lumbar curve that’s under the end of where my rod was placed. My left ribcage is also slightly protruding. I’ve also been told I’ve got spondylolisthesis, which I was never told I had before, that I can recall. I really have not had much pain, other than what I thought was muscular.

Though I was told all this was common post-surgical, I’m a little bummed that my spine is still moving around in there. I’m going to be getting an MRI and possibly injections for further diagnosis so I know what else is going on.

Anyone else experienced this post-surgery?