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Jun 5, 2017 · Life after Brain surgery in Brain Tumor

In addition to lack of energy which is so bad that if I don’t take adderall in the mornings I won’t get anything done around the house and tend to want to lay around, I have recall problems and problems committing newly learned things to memory. Someone once asked me if I had any brothers and sisters and I answered no. I believed, I didn’t because at that moment because I couldn’t remember. A few minutes later, I remembers that I did have two brothers and one sister. Recall is also a problem, sometimes I can’t find the right word and say the wrong word instead or get the facts word. For instance I was telling my son the story about God when he walked on water and offered his hand to one of his disciples and said that if he had faith he too could walk on water. Instead I said to my son, when Jesus was walking on water he offered his hand to the disciple offered him his hand to get into his car.

I actually had my tumor removed, followed by radiation therapy and was part of a drug study at Mayo Clinic which is why I came back to the site. I love Mayo and received GREAT care. (side note – one of the nicest thing that my doctor did when I was first diagnosed with acromegaly was to to give me a hug and recognize that I’ve been through a lot of changes with my body. Dr. Charles Abboud – I’ll never forget his kindness.)

I’ve also had psych evaluations as far back as 2005 at which time the doctor said it my problems would not get worse. But fast forward to 2017 and my problems are much worse. I can no longer hold the type of jobs I had and only work part time. My life style and quality of life has been greatly impacted. At this point I want to believe things with my memory won’t get worse and I certainly hope they don’t. I have a 17 year old son that needs me. I’m afraid for the future to tell you the truth.

May 20, 2017 · Life after Brain surgery in Brain Tumor

I had radiation treatment following the removal of a tumor growing around my pituitary over 20 year ago. I too have had multiple problems that I believe are related to the radiation therapy. Fatigue is a problem along with multiple other problems. Trying to find an exact answer seems difficult because there are, I believe, little studies done of the long term quality of life effects of radiation therapy. I was in my 20’s when I had it. Have you been able to find articles that confirm your suspicion?