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The Mg++ I use and Vit D with Ca+ (use gummies due to gastroparesis). Is something in the pickle juice that helps Linda for cramps? I like cucumbers but not pickles lol? I will try anything but I really do not like pickles…The picture idea is a good suggestion. I use visualization (close my eyes, visualize a scene and mediate). That I will try. Any ideas you have please forward. I did sign up for your blog and perused it a little. Will do more when I have time. It is seems very useful and informative. The videos are instructional and excellent.

Jun 20, 2018 · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Spine Health

Hi Cognac,

Sorry I have been off the board for awhile. The TENS unit is a modulated form of electrical stimulation in various wave forms. You can manage the depth of the sensation (current) and how the type wave pattern. The current goes through gel patches. I use two on each side of my neck/upper back and the treatment can last 30-90 minutes, whatever you set it at.
A new type of TENS just came out I was reading about (I am sure expensive) that is helping us with chronic pain and off opiods; the waveform is deeper and gentle but relief lasts up to 24-72 hours before another session. I'd have to dig up my research to find it. My TENS isn't like that. The treatment relief lasts maybe 2 hours but works.

Apr 2, 2018 · Botox Injections placed near and/or around the Pyloric Sphincter. in Digestive Health

yes botox for gastroparesis in 2014.I have written about it in the forum. Still working well. Was very sick before
i had it done and it has been a miracle!

Mar 22, 2018 · Occipital Neuralgia and Basilar Migraines in Chronic Pain

Stacci I can understand a lot of what you are going through although mine "supposedly" is coming from my cervical fusion being crooked (cervical torticollis) causing huge knots both left and right side of neck. I have had the pain and burning in shoulder blades, neck, shoulders, base of skull all the way up back of head to front. Also, fullness in the ears and "TMJ-like" pain in the right jaw from C8 nerve irritation.
My daughter is going through many symptoms like you are and has cervical problems but the migraines recently are more severe and very persistent affecting her vision, ears, balance, etc. Botox has helped my migraines (hers not as much) plus chiropractic to break up the muscle knots (no oral medications or TENS helps). Same with my daughter.
The migraine medications don't seem to help. A new medication my daughter stated is coming out in June; her neurologist would like to try it on her. She and I also have the optic migraines, but I never had the pain like she gets, just vision problems.
She would like to get a MRA to check the arteries in the brain for any problems contributing to the severe migraines. The MRI doesn't show this. At this point, her neurologist is uncertain if her migraines are related to her cervical problems. The neurologist she sees is the doctor who helped me.
I suffered for a year with migraines and my doctors just looked at the knots, injecting kenalog into them. Did nothing! The Imitrex shots helped somewhat but botox every 3 months is correcting my deviated neck and the massage from the chiropractor (go weekly and his manipulation) breaks up the neck spasms (knots) to decrease the severity and number of migraines. My daughter's botox shots are injected at sites different than before plus now the chiropractor. Acupuncture has been suggested also.
Don't know if you see a neuro-opthamologist, but is an excellent for optic migraines (affecting vision) and has many helpful suggestions. My daughter was getting a very bad, dry eye with her optic migraine and needed a plug put in her tear duct. ? if it will help long term. The best for you Staci and hope you find the help needed!

Mar 21, 2018 · Politics of Pain in Chronic Pain

Many of us are going through this also. Just wish there really would be better relief for us. Don't believe they understand the mechanism of chronic pain yet and we are all experiments. Even when something works, law/s get passed, we are no longer allowed to use. Subjective opinions of our pain instead of objective. Very frustrating. Don't know many who want to use all the various modalities every day to deal with pain… but we do (not just relying on medication. Drug addicts are making the lives of some chronic pain patients who need and responsibly use narcotics, difficult and are forced to stop using them. Also, any benzodiazepine used as a muscle relaxant. I know what works for me after 24 years. I have tried many different medications and use many modalities. I decrease my dosages depending upon my pain. Now we are going back to years ago when the main drugs were the anti-seizure drugs. They are not without their own side effects too. There is no "magic pill" for any of us but I get tired of doctors "pretending" resulting "pain" is not real. I have read new medical journals about, "what has happened to chronic pain patients who can no longer obtain narcotics"? They are turning to the street. I have not and will not, but this population is forgotten and being treated terribly. So far my doctors are helping me and being compassionate but I do have to STOP my narcotic.

Mar 17, 2018 · Botox injection for swallowing issues - Debating Surgery in Digestive Health

Pray your cold will soon be over and health stable. Also, that the botox will help. Is a God send for me! Truly is!

Mar 16, 2018 · Need guidelines for long term, long-acting morphine withdrawal plan in Chronic Pain

Every medication has side effects and especially in higher dosages. Instead of narcotics, again the push is anti-seizure medications that have many serious side effects in higher dosages also.
Some chronic pain people do need opioids and it is a shame that we are all being "grouped" into the category of "drug addicts" and WE ARE NOT! The stats they report are not about us. Most chronic pain users that are managed by responsible pain doctors, use their medications the way they are prescribed, get tested to make sure the medication is in their system, also via computer for no polypharmacy. Due to the increase in substance abuse problem, many doctors are closing shop because regulations are strangulating them. Patients are being left out in the cold unable to find a treating physician and in my journals…many chronic, responsible pain patients have needed to turn to the streets for narcotic medications! It has been a scare to many of us. I do understand wanting to be off narcotics but as I stated for some, it makes a big difference. As with any medication, if it is not needed or the dosage lowered, than you should do that. Other modalities also need to be utilized…TENS, meditation-tapping-guided imagery i.e., exercises, chiropractic, anti-seizure medication etc.
Pharmacists are excellent resources and are often more knowledgeable than doctors about medications and interactions between drugs that you are taking and side effects. No long acting medication should ever be cut in half. Ever. MS Contin is a long acting opioid. I do not smoke or use marijuana in any form and I have read conflicting stories on pain relief.
Best of luck for you. Cutting down your dosage is good but not cutting a long acting pill. Pharmacists like I stated are a very good resource.
I am also a RN and former Clinical Instructor but can no longer work. I pray you get the help you desperately need.

Mar 13, 2018 · Does anyone else have Gastroparesis not caused by diabetes? in Digestive Health

As I have written before,my gastroparesis was caused by my narcotics. Many medications can do this. Before botox was more popular and my Reglan was discontinued (I had Parkinson-like symptoms), doctors in Philadelphia wanted nto place a pacemaker in my stomach. A lawyer I knew told me about "botox" trials that were starting at another hospital in Philadelphia and his daughter had it…was doing great! Not wanting to travel into the city and so far away…but getting sicker and sicker…the erythromycin wasn't really helping as a prokinetic (making my stomach contract and emptying it)…my local GI doctor told me Hershey Medical Center was starting to use botox to the pyloric sphincter. I had it done January 2014 and still am 80% better! A God send!