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May 20, 2017 · My depression never seems to end in Depression & Anxiety

Talking is a huge part of healing..sharing what you feel and hearing the good and rejecting the bad..i have learned you cannot take on other people’s anger and depression and sorrow..but if you can give something positive o think about..something to give strength to go on..Look at the world right now..how easy is it to escape to a pill than to face a problem and to deal with it? I applaud your strength..every person willing to come on here to say “I have this problem and this is what is is going on”..Or “This is how i am dealing with it” when i say we are all connected..GOD did not put people on the earth to suffer especially alone..everyone is unique in their own way and can give something to someone else..so i wish everyone success on their journeys..good days and bad days..that is a part of this journey of life…

Apr 29, 2017 · My depression never seems to end in Depression & Anxiety

what i can tell all of you from learning about people..I was a Social Worker for years, brain injured now but i have learned to watch people..heck with my severe brain injury I woke up like a 4 year old so I literally grew up in front of my ex..which was his “excuse” or one of them for “falling out of love” with me…I have learned everyone is a gift, a bad experience, a good one..we take from the experience what we can..we have to learn not to repeat the negative or..haven’t you noticed..it repeats..GOD’s divine plan..you learn and it does not..we take the good..we change..See all we can do is change us, not others..and teach our children to look at people’s hearts..not the outside, not the world, not what is going on in the negative..but the positive side..i am still coming back but the brain is extraordinary what dimensions..what capacity…one day at a time..and keep smiling..you are here now..You woke up which means you have a day ahead of you so what positives can you accomplish..that is why i journal the bad and keep the good…

Apr 27, 2017 · My depression never seems to end in Depression & Anxiety

My ex is similar.towards me..but children bond with dad because it is dad…the only thing you can do is love..and not trash him in front of the girls because it brings you to a bad light..like i said forgiveness is for you..a gift of healing..my brain injuries unfortunately led me to not have my kids full time..so I can see what it does to them..and the body reacts to stress so..I just went through a rash..but usually i go through psychogenic seizures from stress..all too real..anything can happen with stress build up..so look if meds changed..if anything is different if not it just may be stress..Epson salt baths and well biofeedback tapes are fantastic..Neuropsychologists are good even as psycologists because they see beyond the scope of the normal psychologists and they do not give meds..they are team with a psychiatrist only when it is recommended does the team decide a med comes up..the girls need to learn what a good man is compared to a not so good man for a good relationship

Apr 26, 2017 · My depression never seems to end in Depression & Anxiety

It took me a while to get here too and I have good and bad days but you have to find what is important and that purpose..Before my accident I used to feel low and my self esteem was horrible so everybody walked all over me..when I woke from my coma it was a new beginning but though I was happier well because that first year there was nothing there..I had to relearn life..and find that meaning..You are sober..be proud of that..and yes it is a struggle but you are doing it..we cannot change how other people think, but we can change us and our outlook..so this is your new beginning..maybe you can find something even to make or do that can be a personal thing for each of your children..a memory book of the good times..something to show you are there..Mother’s Day is coming so it can be a glorious time to celebrate..Everything takes time and forgiveness well not only do you forgive you but them this time and actually forgive your ex to..all this adds up to that anger..forgiveness heals…GOD always asks us to forgive and to learn and grow from that time..And I will pray for that healing too..

Apr 26, 2017 · My depression never seems to end in Depression & Anxiety

I see a lot of things going on..I have never been an alcoholic but I suffer from depression, anxiety and PTSD from brain injuries and am divorced so I understand the loneliness and that deficit..My twins are 14 and they feel that difference..I did not remarry my ex did..he is still not very nice but I am disabled and right now do not drive so that is the isolation..I have learned Psychiatrists only talk for a few minutes and regularly give meds..psychologists give 45 minutes of talking and cannot give meds..they work with the psychiatrist…Secondly we marry our family sometimes..that pain repeats…your kids have not resolved what they experienced and if by chance they did, you are not there yet…third..happiness starts with you so the first thing is finding you..who are you..what do you like..journal and you need to let go of the past and forgive yourself..how?.. GOD showed me..simply envision a movie theater with you and someone who makes you feel strong..now you do this when you feel you are ready to let go and I suggest first journaling out this negativity so you can see how your brain looks at life for a good few weeks just to meet you for the last time..then this exercise..but in this movie theater, one at a time, go through each negative, memory, thought, each one remember like a silent movie and let it play and then reach your hand up and like the old film strips pull it out of your head and look at your fist because it is there, out of your head..there will be a box by your foot..throw it down..each one watch and throw it down..you will feel lighter with each…then you pick up photo albums and give yourself good memories, listen to good music, change the colors in your home to bright happy colors, you can get a light box or open the shades and go outside and take a walk and breathe in the air and you know what , if you pray for your family..GOD is kind..you can write them..send pictures..tell your kids simply that you love them…And smile..I started changing every negative thought to a positive..took a solid year..but my body rejected my antidepressants..I do not produce Seratonin with a damaged Limbic system..but I am going strong..smiling…deep slow breaths and look in the mirror at you close your eyes and ask GOD to see yourself with HIS LOVE..and open them..start loving you…First step is seeing the problem then it is trying to find an answer, do not overwhelm yourself..one step at a time..You will get there..GOD BLESS