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Wed, Apr 29 6:52pm · VP's visit in COVID-19

Mayo Clinic management is the culpable party. Their clinic, their hospital, their employees and their patients. Those who assert themselves to be management should be terminated. They had control. They had responsibilities. They failed.

Wed, Apr 29 12:22pm · VP's visit in COVID-19

I don’t practice medicine. Neither does Mayo Clinic. Save the rainbow and unicorn business. Allow the President of Mayo Clinic, and all who were party to this travesty to gracefully resign. Absent that, the Board of Director’s need to walk them out. There.Is.No.Excuse.

Wed, Apr 29 12:16pm · Pence visit in COVID-19

I was a Mayo patient 60 years ago, and have returned since. I am now 72. I have referred patients to Mayo for years, and one recently. Mayo management should be walked out the door after allowing the Vice-President to bully them into unsafe, inappropriate, and practices diametrically opposed to their own policies, exposing patients and staff to possible infection in the midst of this pandemic. This is disgraceful, and I am disappointed and enraged. I done with Mayo Clinic, absent appropriate terminations, apologies, and restoration of best practices.

Fri, Apr 24 7:04pm · All about Prozac in Depression & Anxiety

I would have Prozac pizza if it would help! I’m on a therapeutic dosage of Prozac coupled with a small dose of an anti-anxiety drug (clonazepam). They work for me. Find a physician/psychiatrist who will work with you. Life is a mess right now. If you need help, demand it. My best to you….

Wed, Apr 22 5:51pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Amen. There is medication which works, some that doesn’t. Feeling good is the end game. Being medication free is difficult, and can be very risky. Find a good professional and work with that person. So pleased to hear from a kindred soul. Live fully! I’m 72, and my story is a reflection of yours. Stay strong.

Thu, Apr 16 4:10pm · Switching to Trintellix or Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Depression & Anxiety

Changing drugs is a roll of the dice. I was on Cymbalta, and discussed a possible change as the benefit was diminished. My psychiatrist suggested that Trintellix was reputed to be the latest and greatest, so we tried it. (For context, this was 18 months ago.) I did poorly on Trintellix. Mood and disposition were not good, and suicidal ideation was also a larger issue than before. As a sidebar, Trintellix is very expensive, so paying a premium to feel worse was even more unattractive. Tapered off Trintellix with a combination of clonazepam, and a therapeutic dose of Prozac.

That’s my story, and of course your mileage may vary. Trintellix is, I believe, a good drug for some, but not for all, and certainly not for me. I gave it a couple of months, but it wasn’t meant to be. We are all different.

Wed, Apr 15 11:48am · New Habits from COVID-19 and the New Normal in COVID-19

Yes, a balance will be required. Your well worded post provides some of the waypoints which will drive the equilibrium necessary for our “new normal”.

Sun, Mar 15 3:06pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

There are physicians who deal in drug issues, primarily opioid issues, but I wonder if an opinion from one of these doctors, or just finding another doctor or psychiatrist wouldn’t be your best bet. I have no knowledge of your insurance issues, but you aren’t getting the help you seem to need. Pretty good advice from those who have been there on this site, but a supervising physician is really necessary.