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3 days ago · Dealing with resentments in Depression & Anxiety

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, pastor or theologian. I am active in my congregation and my denomination. I do not dispute your interpretation of your religious requirement to suppress your feelings, but I am concerned for you and wonder if it would be constructive for you to solicit some pastoral counseling, perhaps from someone outside of your congregation or denomination. Anger, frustration, angst, etc., are fully human emotions, and my belief is to let emotions hold you emotionally hostage is nether healthy nor what G_d intends for us. If you are Christian, or not, I would invite you to read through the Psalms, and note that the writer does indeed manifest his anger and frustration toward G_d, and it is accepted and possibly encouraged. Religion is ideally our “safe place”, a place where inner peace is offered, not a burden to try to endure. Reach out to a faith leader, and spend some time with some one on one counseling. Possibly, that could be one person. I spent a number of years in therapy with a licensed Protestant pastor and therapist. I bid you peace…

Sun, Oct 13 8:42am · Successfully off of antidepressants for more than 5 years in Depression & Anxiety

I have been on one anti-depressant or another for about 30 years. I have never gotten off any one of them, but have changed from one drug to another, with little difficulty, or great difficulty, depending on the drug. Is there some reason that your physician/psychiatrist is urging you to cease the drug protocol? Just concerned and semi-experienced. Best of luck to you. Please have your medical professional orchestrate this, if it is appropriate. I have dysthymia, so I have a constant level of depression, and I doubt I will ever not be dependent on medication. My life is good. Very few major depression flare ups…
Take care of you,

Sat, Oct 5 7:24pm · Will CBD oil help reduce withdrawal symptoms of tapering down Effexor? in Depression & Anxiety

Just a general response to be cautious. Not all products are the same, concern about interaction with other drugs, etc. Seems to be working for you, and I’m pleased for you.

Fri, Oct 4 9:42am · Will CBD oil help reduce withdrawal symptoms of tapering down Effexor? in Depression & Anxiety

See your physician. CBD is touted as an elixir for everything without much scientific support. I use a CBD ointment for an arthritic finger and it helps, but that is a topical application. Why are you trying to get off Effexor? Surely your physician/psychiatrist can and will work with you to change medications or convince you to continue with Effexor. I would be very wary of the CBD vendors showing up on every corner. Wishing you the best.

Fri, Oct 4 9:35am · Benzos make it worse in Depression & Anxiety

Klonopin was the drug which helped me get past the issues I had with Trintellix, get off it and on to an antidepressant which worked for me. I have never had issues with benzodiazepines, but we are all different. Your physician/psychiatrist is trained to address this issue. I wish you the very best

Sun, Sep 29 9:19am · Substandard Psychiatric help in Washington State in Depression & Anxiety

I admire your courage. Reach out to the hotlines, and let them help you. If possible, call Mayo about an appointment, and be transparent about your issues. They possibly can point you to a resource closer to home as well, if going to Rochester is not an option. Remember how strong you are, just by posting here. This is a safe place to be. It took courage for me to post here, so I know you are courageous and wish to address these issues. This community will be here for you.

Tue, Sep 3 10:31am · Difficulty finding a Psychiatrist in Depression & Anxiety

I fear the system is broken. Becoming established with any psychiatrist is difficult, and finding someone who works well with you is daunting. I have been fortunate, but the three month lead time is familiar. Perhaps the medication, from whichever source will help along with talk therapy. Sometimes it is easier to find a psychotherapist, and working with one might well address your issues. Sadly, we can only define the problem, then fashion a solution.

Sat, Aug 3 10:26am · Anxiety needing some advice in Depression & Anxiety

You have been thoroughly vetted physiologically, and it appears that nothing presented from those procedures. I am not familiar with Lamictal, but Xanax has been part of my anxiety treatment. I am now taking Klonopin, and have for over 25 years, and it works for me. I might add that I have been and am on an antidepressant as well for the last 35 or so years. In addition to pharmaceutical assistance, talk therapy could help. Are you depending on your primary care physician, or have you also seen a board certified psychiatrist? You’ve had a substantial physical work up, perhaps a psychological assessment is a logical next step if not already done. Anxiety is difficult, but is a manageable problem. Stick with it. These are tough times socially and politically. Anxiety is a byproduct. Thank you for having the courage to stand up to it and to reach out. This is a good, safe place.