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Sat, Aug 3 10:26am · Anxiety needing some advice in Depression & Anxiety

You have been thoroughly vetted physiologically, and it appears that nothing presented from those procedures. I am not familiar with Lamictal, but Xanax has been part of my anxiety treatment. I am now taking Klonopin, and have for over 25 years, and it works for me. I might add that I have been and am on an antidepressant as well for the last 35 or so years. In addition to pharmaceutical assistance, talk therapy could help. Are you depending on your primary care physician, or have you also seen a board certified psychiatrist? You’ve had a substantial physical work up, perhaps a psychological assessment is a logical next step if not already done. Anxiety is difficult, but is a manageable problem. Stick with it. These are tough times socially and politically. Anxiety is a byproduct. Thank you for having the courage to stand up to it and to reach out. This is a good, safe place.

Wed, Jul 31 8:05am · Getting off Klonapin (klonazapam) in Depression & Anxiety

Why are you seeking to remove Klonapin from your prescription protocol? I’ve taken it for years without incident. What problems present to you?

Sun, Jul 28 1:52pm · High temperature, heart rate, and chills associated with mental health in Depression & Anxiety

I am not a physician, but I am an alum of the great work provided at Mayo, Rochester. My read is that you have spent a lot of time, money and angst, to no avail so far. Call Mayo, get an appointment and let them do a head to toe physical evaluation, and if a psychiatric examination is recommended, the psychiatric service is first rate. I had an ENT issue as a child, and Mayo resolved in 5 days, after 8 years of unanswered issues. I’m almost 72. I was a patient at age 11. I’m still just fine.

Fri, Jul 19 7:56am · Breathing ending prior to falling asleep in Depression & Anxiety

Wondering if a CPAP or BiPap would address the issue. I have obstructive sleep apnea, and have used a BiPap for over ten years. You might wish to see if sleep apnea may be a contributing factor.

Thu, Jun 27 11:38am · Summer SAD in Depression & Anxiety

I recently read of SAD in summer vs. winter, and it gave me some amount of traction. I have never liked hot weather, but have always lived in a warm climate, unfortunately. No light box as for winter SAD, but one can avoid some of the heat, and deal with the rest. I’ve had depression issues for decades, and find the warm weather doesn’t help, but don’t cause a significant problem.

Tue, Jun 4 7:12am · Where to look for help in Depression & Anxiety

You have been given some good advice, and some to which I take exception. First, if possible, try to locate your psychopharmacologist to get an opinion and a referral. Short of that, find psychiatric help. General practitioners have varying degrees of interest and expertise in treating depression. I have tried multiple medication protocols over the last 30 years, and have supplemented that with counseling. My experience with Trintellix was the polar opposite of yours, and I was prescribed a drug which has been used for a long time, Prozac. I am doing better with it. I have dysthymia, so I function with a constant low level of depression interspersed with a major episode from time to time. It’s a management problem. It is a brain chemistry problem. I do not believe solely upon positive thinking, mind over matter, glasses half full, exercise, etc. Clinical depression cannot be willed away, at least in my experience. I would be pleased to not be medically maintained, but there is no reason not to, other than the promoted stigma against mental issues. The brain is an integral and necessary part of your being. If any other part of your body needs attention, you find someone to address it. Do not go this alone under any circumstances. Local or state medical societies are a resource, and if all else fails, even a suicide help line should be positioned to offer some direction. Prayers for success.

Tue, May 28 7:31am · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

Inherited issues are the gift that keeps on giving. My late mother had depression issues which now are mine. She couldn’t help it, nor can I. The upside is that I can take some control with medication, and am able to function normally on a day to day basis. I have dysthymia, so it never goes away, and an occasional major episode. The downside is you never get “well”, just dampened symptoms of depression. My regret is a seemingly never-ending pharmacological experience. Grateful for what I can do.

Sun, May 12 7:33am · How is your experience with antidepressants? in Depression & Anxiety

I’ve taken an array of anti-depressants over the last 30 years, and with one exception, they have addressed my depression issues. I have also taken anti-anxiety medication, which has done its job. I have had weight gain from all of them, but that problem is better than depression & suicidal ideation. The unfortunate part of the depression treatment protocol is that , at least in my case, one never gets “well” and the problem goes away. That serves to be depressing in its own right.