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22 hours ago · Sleep apnea and potential treatments in Sleep Health

Sounds like something I would have written. I am claustrophobic and never have used anything but the nasal cushions. So pleased the combination of the BiPap and nasal cushions are working for you. I have the same equipment, and it makes life better, and longer, according to medical studies. Great news!

2 days ago · So tired of being stuck... in Depression & Anxiety

Saying “yes” to ones self is a great start point. I did, and that’s how I allowed myself to love the woman who has been my wife for almost 23 years. She accepts me and my issues…for better or worse.

2 days ago · Sleep apnea and potential treatments in Sleep Health

Consider a change to a bi-pap. The cpap is continuous pressure, and the bi-pap supplies inhalation air pressure, but allows exhalation without pressure, which seems to be an issue for adjusting to a cpap. I have never used a cpap, but a bi-pap has been part of my life for over ten years. Just my experience and $.02…

Sat, Jan 11 3:07pm · Insomnia, depression, anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

I mistakenly advised to place the tongue against the bottom teeth. Dr. Weil instructs the UPPER teeth, and do no more than four sequences at a time. I think the directed breathing and focus redirects the over active mind…but it works for me regardless.

Sat, Jan 11 11:03am · Insomnia, depression, anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Another way to induce sleep comes from Dr. Andrew Weil, who I believe calls this the 4-7-8 method. Place the tip of your tongue on the back of your lower front teeth. Inhale for four seconds. Hold that breath for seven seconds, then exhale for eight seconds. Took me a bit to believe it could work, but I have found success. No idea as to the physiology of this method, and it could just redirect mental activity. Just tossing it out. Give it some time if you wish to try it.

Wed, Jan 8 11:11am · Naps: Good? Bad? Does napping work for you? in Sleep Health

Sorry to have seemingly overlooked issues in your posts, but the issues are some of my issues. I have looked at a device that requires surgical implantation which I suspect that is the “Inspiresleep” product you reference. Interesting, but not for me anytime soon. Pardon me if I have overstepped relative to your medical providers. I confess that which I did read in your posts precipitated my responses. I still suggest a second pass at a physician…My habit is to always get another opinion when issues seem unresolved. Best wishes…

Wed, Jan 8 5:49am · Naps: Good? Bad? Does napping work for you? in Sleep Health

Try the cpap again, or have the physician prescribe a bi-pap. The bi-pap forces air when you inhale, and allow a you to exhale without fighting the continuous pressures of the cpap. Their is a difference, and you are not alone having cpap issues. If fighting the pressures is your problem, I suggest you give consideration to this change. Works fine for me. Wouldn’t be without it.

Tue, Jan 7 9:27pm · Naps: Good? Bad? Does napping work for you? in Sleep Health

Sounds like your primary care provider needs to focus on his patient. I have a 72 year old prostate, and take prescription medication to stem the problems that cause nocturnal interruptions. Sleep apnea ever been tested? If not, it should be. Any anti anxiety meds on board? Worth the discussion. I’m not charging for this consult, but it appears your doctor may be overpaid. He works for you, and you need to get his attention or find a doctor who isn’t content to put you on the bottom of his priorities.