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Tue, Jun 4 7:12am · Where to look for help in Depression & Anxiety

You have been given some good advice, and some to which I take exception. First, if possible, try to locate your psychopharmacologist to get an opinion and a referral. Short of that, find psychiatric help. General practitioners have varying degrees of interest and expertise in treating depression. I have tried multiple medication protocols over the last 30 years, and have supplemented that with counseling. My experience with Trintellix was the polar opposite of yours, and I was prescribed a drug which has been used for a long time, Prozac. I am doing better with it. I have dysthymia, so I function with a constant low level of depression interspersed with a major episode from time to time. It’s a management problem. It is a brain chemistry problem. I do not believe solely upon positive thinking, mind over matter, glasses half full, exercise, etc. Clinical depression cannot be willed away, at least in my experience. I would be pleased to not be medically maintained, but there is no reason not to, other than the promoted stigma against mental issues. The brain is an integral and necessary part of your being. If any other part of your body needs attention, you find someone to address it. Do not go this alone under any circumstances. Local or state medical societies are a resource, and if all else fails, even a suicide help line should be positioned to offer some direction. Prayers for success.

Tue, May 28 7:31am · Importance of focusing on Positive with Depression & Anxiety. in Depression & Anxiety

Inherited issues are the gift that keeps on giving. My late mother had depression issues which now are mine. She couldn’t help it, nor can I. The upside is that I can take some control with medication, and am able to function normally on a day to day basis. I have dysthymia, so it never goes away, and an occasional major episode. The downside is you never get “well”, just dampened symptoms of depression. My regret is a seemingly never-ending pharmacological experience. Grateful for what I can do.

Sun, May 12 7:33am · How is your experience with antidepressants? in Depression & Anxiety

I’ve taken an array of anti-depressants over the last 30 years, and with one exception, they have addressed my depression issues. I have also taken anti-anxiety medication, which has done its job. I have had weight gain from all of them, but that problem is better than depression & suicidal ideation. The unfortunate part of the depression treatment protocol is that , at least in my case, one never gets “well” and the problem goes away. That serves to be depressing in its own right.

Mon, Apr 29 6:51am · Trintellix in Depression & Anxiety

Is your physician suggesting you just try the Trintellix a general practitioner or board certified in psychiatric medicine? The just try it school of prescribing distresses me for you and countless others. Trintellix is relatively new, and being heavily promoted to the medical community, and to the general population. I hope whoever suggests it has familiarity with patient experience. It is terribly expensive. When it works, it is said to be the holy grail. When it doesn’t, it provided a very unsatisfactory result.

Sat, Apr 27 7:57am · Trintellix in Depression & Anxiety

In my perfect world we could all have access to a week at one of the Mayo campus locations, and be given a stem to stern going over. Psychiatric help is rudimentary, at best, in many locations. I have good care, but I am concerned for those about whom I read who are being bombarded with a barrage of medications for depression and a whole host of physical issues as well. I question whether or not communication among the specialists exists and am concerned that the cocktail of drugs exacerbates problems, especially the psychological ones. Climbing off my soapbox…I suspect we all need to raise the consciousness of the interdisciplinary medical providers when we are not in a collegial setting such as Mayo. I’m distressed for others. Blessedly, I am a major pain in the butt, and get attention…

Thu, Apr 25 10:50am · ARE YOUR MEDS HELPING OR HINDERING YOUR DEPRESSION? in Depression & Anxiety

This discipline in the practice of medicine is truly a “practice”, and the fact that any drug therapy or psychotherapy works is an exercise in the unknown. I’ve been dealing with depression/anxiety for over 30 years, a genetic gift from a parent. I have tried too many medications than I wish to enumerate, some worked, others recently put me on the brink of Suicide. I have had psychotherapy with pastoral counselors, psychologists , social workers and psychiatrists. The benefits are all over the board. We have humans, dealing with humans, and the human brain is neither predictable or understood. I’m doing the best I can, and it is not bad as I write this. I am 71 years old. I will do what I can. I am convinced that only the end of my normal cycle of life will afford me the peace which has been so elusive in my life. Heaven help those who are stifled by the societal stigma, the money to get help, or a condition which doesn’t let them know there is an issue to begin with.

Wed, Apr 24 9:47am · Brintellix in Depression & Anxiety

Curious as well. I want someone to have a wonderful experience to offset my difficulty. My beloved bride characterized me as meaner than a snake while taking it. I am held in better stead around the house these days. Prozac is an older drug, and I am and older patient. Perhaps we have reached equilibrium…

Fri, Mar 29 6:16am · depression/anxiety in Depression & Anxiety

Time to see a different radiology clinic. I had a tumor removed at Mayo 60 years ago. My parents had been told by the local surgeon that I had a tumor in both ears, and were understandably distressed. Had the exam at Mayo, and the second tumor turned out to be a shadow on a poorly executed x-ray. Only one surgery, and great relief. I pray that you take advantage of a second opinion.