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Mon, Jun 29 10:38pm · Switching to Trintellix or Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Depression & Anxiety

Elwoodsdad says be very careful. My experience was not good, expensive, and made day to day living very difficult…My psychiatrist tapered me off Trintellix, and put me on Prozac, an old reliable. Things are good. I have dysthymia, so I always have varying degrees of depression and anxiety playing in the background, but life is much better. Now, this COVID-19 needs to be dealt with…Absolutely bizarre. Trintellix works well when it works. When it doesn’t, not such a good experience.

Mon, Jun 29 3:41pm · Switching to Trintellix or Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) in Depression & Anxiety

You might look at early posts of mine…Trintellix did me no favors. It was a simply horrible experience for me, but I understand when it works, it works well. My reaction was debilitating, and the cost was dear, but manageable had it worked. Best regards.

Mon, Jun 22 12:38pm · How to have relationships while living with depression? in Depression & Anxiety

My reaction to this pandemic is more malaise than what I have come to know as depression, which generally presents in me as sadness and feelings of low self esteem. Dysthymia is my baseline, so depression at some level is a constant. I am 72, so I am in a high risk group for Covid-19, so my wife and I have materially sheltered in place for our benefit and for those we may come in contact. The last week or more has generated more than normal anxiety. We live in Tulsa, OK, and the unknowns surrounding the visit of Donald Trump were significant for the entire community. Thankfully, he came without incident, and the responses of both factions were largely peaceful. I am leaning into my feelings, allowing them to just be, and practicing some intentional breathing exercises for relaxation. This pandemic appears to be a long term problem, and the numbers in my state are increasing at a disturbing rate, due in large part to the populace choosing to not respond appropriately. Social distancing, masks and quarantine work. A great distress beyond the disease is the financial burden, not on us, but on those whose income stream is gone, their job gone, evictions and repossessions on their horizon. De minimus response from a government and an administration which seemingly is incapable of giving a damn, and we still have immigrants on the southern border being mistreated. Children in cages. We are better than what we show the world. Momentary end of rant…

Wed, Apr 29 6:52pm · VP's visit in COVID-19

Mayo Clinic management is the culpable party. Their clinic, their hospital, their employees and their patients. Those who assert themselves to be management should be terminated. They had control. They had responsibilities. They failed.

Wed, Apr 29 12:22pm · VP's visit in COVID-19

I don’t practice medicine. Neither does Mayo Clinic. Save the rainbow and unicorn business. Allow the President of Mayo Clinic, and all who were party to this travesty to gracefully resign. Absent that, the Board of Director’s need to walk them out. There.Is.No.Excuse.

Wed, Apr 29 12:16pm · Pence visit in COVID-19

I was a Mayo patient 60 years ago, and have returned since. I am now 72. I have referred patients to Mayo for years, and one recently. Mayo management should be walked out the door after allowing the Vice-President to bully them into unsafe, inappropriate, and practices diametrically opposed to their own policies, exposing patients and staff to possible infection in the midst of this pandemic. This is disgraceful, and I am disappointed and enraged. I done with Mayo Clinic, absent appropriate terminations, apologies, and restoration of best practices.

Fri, Apr 24 7:04pm · All about Prozac in Depression & Anxiety

I would have Prozac pizza if it would help! I’m on a therapeutic dosage of Prozac coupled with a small dose of an anti-anxiety drug (clonazepam). They work for me. Find a physician/psychiatrist who will work with you. Life is a mess right now. If you need help, demand it. My best to you….

Wed, Apr 22 5:51pm · Tips on minimising withdrawal symptoms from Effexor (aka Venlafaxine) in Depression & Anxiety

Amen. There is medication which works, some that doesn’t. Feeling good is the end game. Being medication free is difficult, and can be very risky. Find a good professional and work with that person. So pleased to hear from a kindred soul. Live fully! I’m 72, and my story is a reflection of yours. Stay strong.