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Apr 25, 2017 · 17 year old daughter with endometrosis in Women's Health

@amwein I am a social worker and advocate in the endometriosis field. I would be happy to chat with you and send you a bunch of resources and online support groups. (I even know of one especially for teens and I started one for moms of teens) Endometriosis is incredibly devastating and debilitating and impacts all systems in the body. Symptoms not only include period pain, pain with ovulation, but bowel issues like constipation and diarrhea, painful bowel movements, frequent urination, back pain, leg pain, pain with intercourse and fatigue. You want to find a specialist who can meticulously remove endometriosis from all of the impacted organs while preserving fertility. There are no specialists in Rochester, but I can send you support groups that have lists of specialists (On facebook: endometropolis and nancy's nook are two ones that have specialists). Please feel free to reach out to me by private message on Connect. Sending love and light to you and want to let you know that there is hope and with the right care your daughter can get some relief. Also for more resources you can go to caseyberna(dotcom)

Apr 25, 2017 · 17 year old daughter with endometrosis in Women's Health

The Mayo Clinic’s information on endometriosis contains myths and misinformation. Is there a way to petition to update it?