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Sun, Jun 21 10:46pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

I hope this finds you well on your recovery journey. All of us have had to come to grips with a new normal! The good news is that we are survivors who have the second chance to be a thriver and cease every day to do something spectacular! I am so glad you are on the other side! God Speed!

Wed, May 6 5:04pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

I think you would fine fishing in Wisconsin as long as you don't let your line drift into MN waters. Good luck! MN 2 day license should not be that expensive either.

Wed, May 6 1:25pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

Mark, you will most likely have to get a MN out of state 2 day fishing license. Glad you are trying to make the best of the trip!

Wed, May 6 12:38pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

Mark, given COVID-19 I am sure that most of Rochester is going to be closed or operating on a minimal scale. The restaurants we always go when there is Canadian Honker for Breakfast, Terza a go to for Italian, and Pescara for seafood. I am sure that they will have curbside at minimum. We took advantage of the dining scene when I was feeling good enough to. The city of Rochester will pleasantly surprise you. I can honestly say that my temporary trach did not hurt my appetite or ability to eat. Please keep us informed. God Speed.

Tue, May 5 10:56am · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

Mark, so glad to hear that you are making progress with managing the trach and getting ready for your trip to Mayo. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and if you have any questions concerning living with a trach please reach out.

Mon, May 4 7:14pm · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

In which discussion was the post? Thanks, Jeff

Sat, Apr 25 11:48am · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

My ENT diagnosed me and I got an MRI which clearly showed a very large tumor. No doctor felt I needed a biopsy until the removal at the time of surgery. My airway was blocked 90% and I had no choice but to have it removed whether or not it was cancerous. The challenge was how to remove it and salvage functionality. Given the amount of blockage you have to your airway you most likely will have to have it removed. You have to come to grips with the fact it has to be removed under any circumstances. If you call Dr. Moore and share the dire nature of your diagnosis and that you must do something in days they will work with you! I will call Dr. Moore personally if you want me too.

Sat, Apr 25 11:26am · Laryngeal cancer (recurrence) in Head & Neck Cancer

I had Laryngeal Chondrosarcoma a very rare form of slow growing bone and cartilage cancer that grew inward and paralyzed one of my vocal chords and took out half of my voice box and closed 90% of my airway. All of that was reconstructed with the help of ear cartilage the was implanted in my forearm to grow and ultimately used to replace the cricoid cartilage in my esophagus. There were less than 200 cases like this ever reported, so I like you thought I had no hope. I attached photos of my procedure to show you the "art of the possible", not to scare you more. You can see how large of a tumor was removed from my throat. I really want to motivate you to go to Mayo. None of us can make any decisions for you. You have to take control!