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Mon, Mar 23 11:51am · Cricoid Chondrosarcoma in Head & Neck Cancer

Julie, thank for sharing such a bright spot amongst all the concern. So delighted that you were able to have the procedure and more importantly that it was successful. Hope that your voice continues it's path back to a new normal. I believe that it sound's like you will be joining Deb and I on the other side of all of this. I assure that at the end of the very painful journey is an unbelievable feeling of gratitude and appreciation for each and every day that we have with full functionality and life! Be safe and as Deb said, keep us informed we are cheering and praying for you! Jeff

Wed, Feb 26 3:46pm · Cricoid Chondrosarcoma in Head & Neck Cancer

Deb, I am so happy for you that your CT scan was all good and you are 2 years out from the next. My voice consult yielded the same answer. I was actually more interested in the breathing aspect given I was a marathon runner. The consensus was that the paralyzed vocal cord was in a great position to allow the functional one to open and close which provided total functionality. The risk in trying to open the airway could easily compromise swallowing, breathing and talking. I chose to keep it blocking 50% of my airway and learning to deal with it. Good news is that I am still running shorter distances, but all good! I never could sing anyway, my priest actually asked me to not sing in church way before I was diagnosed.

Wed, Feb 26 10:57am · Cricoid Chondrosarcoma in Head & Neck Cancer

When my surgeon Dr. Eric Moore shared that my voice would never be the same, I asked him if he could make it a blend between Barry White and Luther Vandross. The good news is that I still have a voice and unfortunately could not carry a tune in a paper bag. God luck with your next surgery and keep us informed.

Tue, Feb 25 5:53pm · Cricoid Chondrosarcoma in Head & Neck Cancer

Julie, we are members of a very small and special family of thriver's. Please let Deb and I know how you re doing and all of your concerns and questions. We would very much want to share our learning's and experiences. The good news is that we made it through the unending overwhelming question of will we really ever get the trach out? We both did and Deb did it in record time. Let us know how we can help. God Speed! Wish you a speedy recovery. Jeff

Mon, Feb 10 7:10am · Emotional health after cancer in Cancer

I found that emotionally I had to have hope and faith in the doctors and the treatment plan. Once I was on the path I mustered daily optimism that this will be successful and it has been three years now that I am cancer free. It clearly was worth the journey no matter haw difficult and challenging.

Sep 19, 2019 · Nutrition and Cancer: Getting protein in my diet in Cancer: Managing Symptoms

Early in my recovery period I could only handle liquids. Because of this I experimented with every type of smoothie you can imagine. Since you can’t tolerate dairy I suggest you research the numerous juice based smoothies with high protein. There are a lot of options that will provide protein, vitamins, carbs et al. There are also numerous protein powders that you can add to almost anything you are eating. I hope this helps.

Jul 19, 2019 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

The good news is that Dr. Moore was able to get extremely great margins and 100% of the tumor. Fortunately I did not have to have any radiation. This was three years ago and I know that perspective on radiation has evolved. I would have a serious conversation with Dr. Moore about the benefits and potential concerns. As you most likely know he is very approachable and will engage in a healthy dialogue. Good luck to you!

Jun 12, 2019 · Diagnosed with sarcoma? Let's share in Cancer

When my laryngeal chondrosarcoma (less than 200 cases ever) was diagnosed the first opinion I received from one of the top 10 surgeons in this area was that I may end up with a permanent trach and maybe a feeding tube. I ended up visiting 5 other surgeons and Mayo was the only place that provided me with hope that they could remove all the cancer and maintain the majority of functionality. I strongly advise you to seek additional opinions and Mayo should be at the top of that list.