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Sat, Apr 4 5:34am · Incontinence, Bladder Cancer and 95 Year Old Dad - HELP in Cancer

@bluesplashgirl . I too am sorry. Prayers for you and yours.

Sat, Mar 14 6:18am · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

@formydad . I am closer to you through your wonderful commitment to your dad. My loving daughter and son in law love me in a similar God based way. That brings me to tears of joy. For all their (your) love of family. You ARE an inspiration to our group and all others. Thank you God bless.

Sat, Feb 29 5:25am · Emotional health after cancer in Cancer

@palstead .hello. I also have Mets. Mine are in liver and lungs. I am off All treatment sine last May. In may I had radiation for spot on left adrenal gland. I also am on a "watch and see" program. 2yrs into this "adventure".
I just turned 72. Iv wasn't sure if I would see my birthday. I find peace in the ordinary days. No doctors no reports. Just being alive with "normal" thoughts. Sitting in the quiet of the day. With coffee or tea
Reflecting on all I am.

Mon, Feb 17 7:10am · Neobladder Replacement vs. Stoma in Kidney & Bladder

@pameladstone i had urostomy two year plus ago. I have stoma. I haven't tried swimming but I do hot yoga. 99 degrees. The sweat does not affect the integrity of the seal. Took me a while to be uncomfortable with taking a shower. Showers are ok for me. I know that urostomies save lives.

Thu, Feb 6 6:47am · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

@ formydad i have the itching also. I found dry brushing helps a lot. I am scheduled for c scan Friday on my brain and my body. Been off All treatments since last May when I had radiation for left adrenal gland. Nov. C scan showed no new growth. I have adjusted well to my ostomy. Although I have episodes of leaks. Praying for strength for you and your father.

Dec 13, 2019 · Talking Frankly about Living with Advanced Cancer in Cancer

Thank you for that testimony. I have urinary bladder cancer. Mets to my lungs liver. 2yrs yesterday . I have surgery.I am handling it. But people say "I'm so sorry. just to hear what happened in your life gives me renewed strength. God Bless.

Jun 25, 2019 · Bladder Cancer/Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

@sandielegal yes. I remember your posts. I am blessed from all your thoughts and prayers. I

Jun 25, 2019 · Bladder Cancer/Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

@sandielegal hello. I have been following this group also. It's two years in July that I started this adventure. Last treatment was mass on left adranal. Zapped by radiation. I am on wait and see program. C scan in three months. So good to see your reports.
Prayer and blessings to all in this group. Knowing we have others with the same conditions gives us hope.