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2 days ago · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

@samasama .I finished radiation on left adrenal glan. Waiting for c scan in June of july. Getting my thyroid Checked out. June 3rd. cancer Endocrinologist will evaluate me on June 3rd.
Talking this out with this group makes me stronger, more determined and grateful!

3 days ago · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

@marycedroni Hello. I was diagnosed with small cell bladder around 8/2017 . I was 70. I started chomo. cysplatin and tropazone 16. nov of 2017.
Had 2 cycles. One cycle being 3 days. C scan after 2d cycle showed that the Chomo wasn't working. I had a cystosomy . removed my urinary bladder my prostrate and some lympth noded. . Started Cysplaton. Fer 9th 2018. Some small side effects from this . but we did 14 rounds. each round was one day, once every 3rd week. Is he on a similar regiment ?

Sun, Apr 7 6:17am · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

Getting ready for "cyber knife radiation. For left adranal. Getting two doses. How's your partner doing. ?

Fri, Mar 22 7:21am · Small cell bladder cancer in Cancer

@samasama scan on 03/20/2019 shows spot (9mm) on left adrenal glan. Biopsy next week. My mets. In lungs and liver show NO new growth. Possible radiation for the spot on adrenal. I have Faith. I am Very active with Yin yoga i do at home off internet u tube. I am active and eating well . Where are you with experience?

Thu, Mar 21 1:16pm · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer

Thank you. Just sharing.

Thu, Mar 21 11:28am · Facing Cancer Recurrence, PTSD & Acknowledging Mental Health in Cancer

I too have small cell cancer Mets 4
.to lungs and liver. 2017 Sept. Started out with urinary bladder cancer. CHOMO didn't work.had ur ostomy. Keytruda 14 cycles. Took of that bad side effects to bowel in nov. 2018 dec c scan looked ok. Mar 20 a 1cm spot on my left adrenal biopsy later. I love the Lord and thankful for his mercy.

Sat, Feb 2 4:53am · Bladder Cancer: Stage 2 high grade in Cancer

Hello. Meet with ucologist. Blood work looks good. Some Levels a little low. Waiting for c scan some time this month. I have been doing yoga for almost 7 yrs. Started about 3yrs ago doing "Yin" yoga.