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Fri, Jun 7 11:43am · stopping Carvedilol (Coreg): When will the effects wear off? in Heart & Blood Health

Sorry to hear of your problems with those drugs. To begin increasing your distance and to improve your overall health you will need to move a bit farther each day. After my quad, July 24, 2015, I could barely stand up without fear of falling down. I used a shopping cart as a "walker" the day I left he hospital and slowly walked around the grocery store to get the items I needed immediately. Finally after a full year had passed I managed the long walk of the local Heart Walk and walked a 5K. Took me longer than everyone else, but managed it.

Have you gone to Cardiac Rehab? If not, please do so. They give you a program that will increase your endurance and monitor your progress and report it to your doctor. I too had been on those drugs, stayed on Coreg for over 3 years cuz it kept the migraines at bay and finally tapered off and no more migraines.

Your heart probably needs some supplements to strengthen it. CoQ10, Vitamin B complex, Carnitine, DRibose (yeah it's a sugar, but it is what a damaged heart needs), Hawthorne extract are all recommended for hearts. Look them up, don't just take my word for it.

Thu, Mar 28 2:11am · Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) - Let's talk in Intensive Care (ICU)

Thanks for sharing. Though I did spend 2 nights in ICU and had a really bad experience due to th particular nurse assigned to me, I did come home and now it's almost 4 years since I was there.

I do pray you are improved soon. AND yes, sometimes it is difficult to sleep in hospitals.

Fri, Feb 22 12:54pm · Palpitations, R. Bundle Block and Metoprolol Effects in Heart Rhythm Conditions

I'm one of those with RBBB. Though I had one really bad repeated PVC my ablation got it back under control.

Did you have doubles or triples? I only had singles, but so often the blood bank picked up on them. I read that triples can cause death as an insufficient amount of blood is pumped and you die.

Leet me know if you did have the doubles or triples.

Wed, Feb 20 10:08am · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Maybe you should ask your doctors about supplements like Hawthorne. It is known world wide as one of the things heart patients are in need of.

Your doctors aren't wrong about a heart rate in the 40s. Again, in other countries 40 is thought to be good. The Chinese have a philosophy…we only have a certain number of beats, and after that we die. So…if you are only beating 40 times a minute your body will last far longer than those like Jim Fixx who died at age 52 and was a runner getting his heart rate up every day of his life after his dad died at age 43. BTW…Jim needed some cardiologist intervention for his blocked arteries he had not had checked out.


Tue, Feb 19 11:57am · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Have you looked up the bad stuff Metropol does? I was on that one for a short while, but my heart rate kept dropping to the 40s, so moved on. Carvedilol was equally bad, but suppressed the migraines. Took 2 years of trying to get off carvedilol, but finally got off that one. Still have relatively low heart rate, but don't believe it is from the meds. I can recall when I was around 40 and went to give blood, I was a bicyclist then and rode daily, and was almost refused the donation due to the low heart rate. I'm almost 30 years past that almost refusal, stopped all beta blockers, take a few supplements, a statin, some Potassium, levothyroxine and losartan potassium. I'd have to say my Quad bypass was a great decision as it really did take care of most of my problems I had at the time of the surgery.

Tue, Feb 19 12:38am · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Spine Health

The medical persons who practice cranial sacral release are trained osteopaths. I've encountered one once in my entire life.

Sun, Feb 17 10:05pm · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Spine Health

@iteachgate, welcome to this chat. I am wondering if you have, but think you must have along the way, had much in the way of therapy for stretching you muscles. The last guy I worked with helped with the Radiculopathy I suffered with. It radiated from C=7/C-8 down my right arm and made me very sick to my stomach. The PT stretched my neck over a period of 6 visits and finally my back muscles were freed up. I had done all I knew and asked for PT and he sure was good at what he did. Have had zero return of that particular problem.

BTW…I can't spell big words unless I verify them, so please just use Phonics to pronounce that big word that means a compressed nerve with radiating pain down the arm.

Mon, Feb 18 12:19am · Chronic Back Pain for Years in Spine Health

I noticed you had written you wanted to see an orthopedist. I actually see an Osteopath as my current PCP and she knows both the neurological signs as well as the bones and joints. She was the one who actually sent me to the PT after she examined me with moving my arm around and I guess I winced at all the right places. They also are trained in the medical physician role and I can go to her with medical problems as well. I switched to her after I was 65 as many of my joints have arthritis in them and felt she would have more knowledge about caring for my aches and pains and does so.