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Sun, May 10 3:10pm · Medical devices to monitor heart rhythm (i.e., Alivecor, KardiaMobile) in Heart Rhythm Conditions

Hi Gavin,

I'm one who uses the AliveCor 2 pad devices on the iPod. My only problem with it has been that due to shaky hands I have to rest it on a solid surface and then do the test. Shows very interesting waves. I look for PVCs, but occasionally I pick up an A-Fib. The PVCs will show up as a quick and much smaller beat behind a regular beat followed by a space before another regular beat begins a new series of regular beats.

I read up and found that the little beat sends a smaller amount blood and the heart then has to wait until the regular amount is collected again.

AliveCor has stated they have no interest in PVCs. However, in my own experience, PVCs are far worse.

Glad you joined us here. I also use a PulseOxy fingertip devise to check my O2 sats. Those are also very important. This virus has caused numerous to deal with O2 sats, so knowing those as well is also an important devise to obtain.


Sat, Mar 28 10:34am · Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) in Heart Rhythm Conditions

My experience with PVCs did not really include fluttering sensations. I would feel an enormous boom like when one of those large drums they carry in parades. This is the ventricle pushing a large amount of blood out due to the previous contraction coming far too soon and only pushing out a very small amount. I never seemed to feel the small early beats, only the huge boom on the return to a more normal rhythm. I still feel them, just very small and they occur sometimes about 3/minute more usually 1/minute, but not the 20/minute prior to the ablation I went through.

My cardiologist told me the bradycardia I experience allows the occasional PVC and that was his motivation for wanting to place a pacemaker. My recovery from the quad bypass on 7/24/15 has been so good he finally wants to wait longer before approaching the subject. He is in a wait and see time. He continues to tell me I am one of his healthiest patients and still expresses amazement the tI am still doing much better than most of his other patients.

Mayo Clinic has finally stated PVCs are very damaging to the heart muscle due to the large load of blood the ventricle is forced to push out on the beat that follows a PVC.

Sat, Mar 28 10:34am · Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) in Heart Rhythm Conditions


The biggest problem with the 30 day monitoring is the longterm exposure to the adhesive patches. Those can cause skin reactions.

Sat, Mar 28 10:34am · Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) in Heart Rhythm Conditions

donsmith 1959, these are damaging your heart. Mine were about 20 times a minute, The ablation cut them down completely for awhile, but now I get maybe one a minute, sometimes none.

Sat, Mar 21 8:36am · Heart Disease: Let’s Talk About the Emotional Side in Heart & Blood Health

Thanks for sharing your experience. Though I do not recall depression as being part of my recovery from the quad bypass I experienced almost 5 years ago, I do recall working hard to feel better physically. I was given loads of support by my son who became my chauffeur and main cheer leader. I also recall being told I'd go to cardiac rehab and never got the call from the one where my cardiologist, but did get directed to the closest one by the nurse running the gym close to my cardiologist. I did my 36 visits and have benefitted from this.

Perhaps it is time, if you haven't returned to the support at the cardiac rehab gym near you, to go back. AND 11 stents are a heavy load to slogs through. I find your journey to be admirable.

Sun, Mar 1 8:28pm · After heart surgery. Looking for answers to stay alive. in Heart & Blood Health

Greetings @miracleman and welcome. Yes, it does feel like we got miracles that allowed us to take the world on for a bit longer. I've got an 11" zipper like most here.

My input here is about living the best life I can. I still take stairs, but really do best if I move around first instead of just just beginning with that type of movement. I also try to eat some veggies daily, have begun making sure to drink diluted lemon juice to make sure my stomach has the right balance and that way I digest my foods better. I did the 36 visits to the cardiac rehab gym. It was interesting to meet all those older than me who had all kinds of different conditions that led them there. I also walk from the halfway point in parking lots to the grocery entry, then while shopping I usually cover about 5,000 to 10,000 steps. I also try to be active doing things like ushering.
At Scripps they have once a month meetings on saturdays where a Cardiologist comes in and talks about new developments.

There are a few supplements I'd like to mention that really helped me. D-Ribose, a sugar used by your heart to help in stress recovery. Hawthorne, another heart helper. I mix them in water and drink them down.

You will get much input from others here and most of all you will get support on your new chapter of life.

Fri, Feb 21 8:27am · Gluten-free diet in Digestive Health

It so happens that the particular knowledge you spread here is not necessarily totally correct. When water runs off the plants having glutens in them it brings with it those glutens. Any field of oats planted side-by-side with wheat products will incorporate the glutens.

Pork and shellfish allergies can be suffered by anyone who has gluten problems as well as those who don't. A gluten intolerant/allergic person may also have multiple allergies and pork/shellfish allergies can be a part of the picture.

Your life got far easier when there was greater demand for gluten free foods. Aren't you happy about that?

Sat, Feb 15 2:13am · Heart Rhythm Conditions – Welcome to the group in Heart Rhythm Conditions


I'm so sorry that you have suffered through all those problems.

I'm really glad I learned the actual name of this condition and only wish my doctors had called it the two I could learn about it.

One thing I learned recently is that they actually originate from the back of the brain. I have no idea, but know I had them badly until 5 years ago and had the ablation that caused my heart to function better.