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Mon, Feb 3 7:52pm · IBS-D in Digestive Health

I will look into it , thank you

Fri, Jan 31 5:22pm · Stage 2 colon cancer tumor removed - no chemotherapy? in Colorectal Cancer

Chris , statistically for stage 2 colon cancer with no lymph nodes affected there is a 10% chance for the cancer to come back within 3 years . i was just watching a webinar today about that .
did your Dr do a circulating tumor DNA around a month after the surgery ? . check the webinar . take care , Hrant

Mar 9, 2019 · non emergency question in Digestive Health

Thank you , Rosemary . i am trying to educate myself about this condition before i have an extensive conversation with the Dr. but if you come across a support group about this , Please forward it to me .

Mar 7, 2019 · non emergency question in Digestive Health

I just found out during my yearly colonoscopy ( preventive for Lynch syndrome ) that i have a non bleeding AVM arterio venous malformation in the transverse colon . Is anybody living with this ? am i supposed to wait till it start bleeding ? and then what ? i would appreciate all views and ideas . i am 62 male super healthy ( besides MSH6 lynch syndrome )

Dec 31, 2018 · Screening colonoscopy in Colorectal Cancer

do not worry about it now , just wait for the biopsy report . if it is cancer and it is more than 10 mm large then it is more problematic . but if i were you i would start doing the colonoscopy each 5 years even it is not cancer .

Dec 13, 2018 · Living with colorectal cancer - Meet others & come say hi in Colorectal Cancer

Diane , you have to tell us more , tell us what the biopsy says and a little of your background . if the tumor is under 10 mm. do not panic . obviously it is better not to have a cancerous tumor . what is done is done panicking is not going to change anything , in fact it is bad for you . You have to stay in control now to fight this .

Mar 21, 2018 · Reoccurrence of colon cancer in Colorectal Cancer

that is great but tell us a bit more about you and your condition . the year you discovered , the genetic variant , your experiences with this condition . Hrant

May 2, 2017 · Lynch Syndrome in Cancer

there are 5 kinds of genes that could be damaged MLH1 , MSH2 , MSH6 , PMS2 , EPCAM . you have to know which one is the problem with you .
one out of 450 people have Lynch syndrome , most of them do not know when there is no symptoms . some live they entire life without getting any cancer , but you cannot leave it to luck . you have to keep testing and probing and looking for the cancer till you find it at the initial stage and get rid of it . but bare in mind (as you can read on this website ) doctors make mistakes too ( read the story of travelgirl ) , lynch is very aggressive and a polyp could turn into cancer in 2 years compared to 10 years for non lynch syndrome carriers . one more thing and this one keep me up at night ( not really ) the best doctors statistically catch 75% of the polyps in the colon , because the colon is so accordion like and there are many places a small or flat polyp can hide .
take care , Hrant