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Jan 23, 2018 · Loss and Grief: How are you doing? in Loss & Grief

My Mother is a narcissist. My bio. Dad died as a work related accident when he was 43. I was 14. My mom remarried a wonderful man that lost his wife due to car accident that occurred the same week my Dad died. I was 15. My stepdad was wonderful. After 46 years of marriage he died last Feb. at the age of 93. My Mom had isolated him as she had my bio.Dad. He became over the years very withdrawn and depressed but very caring to me. My Mom was EVEN jealous of our relationship. On we deal occasions she accused me of having an affair with him. He truly treated me with the love a father shows his daughter. She regularly screams at others even people who are to do services for HER. I only came through counselling this fall and winter understanding what she is. She totally is an overt narcissist. I am 63 my Mother is 86 and I am overwhelmed with grief in the loss of my stepDad and appalled at her treatment of him. She is a very heathy independent narcissist. I used to be her “feed” but I am now fodder. My younger 1/2 brother is her golden child. My sweet older bio. Brother is in 4th stage renal cancer and SHE is so cruel to him I CAN’T believe it.

Jan 14, 2018 · HABIT Arizona Booster in Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI)

New to “snowbirds g in AZ”. Could you provide info to MN snowbirder about your program.

Dec 6, 2017 · Impotency Problems in Men's Health

Sad for both of us. Him Age 66 and me/her 63. I had a total hysterectomy so shot the sex drive out the window. He has trouble with erections. Blue pill not real interesting. He says he gets a headache. I am too tight and dry. No one’s at fault both at fault and discussed sex therapist but small town USA makes it hard and not discreet. Both of us know we have hang ups. If I go down on him I feel used and cheapened as he falls asleep and that’s it. Neither of us are movie stars but had passable sex over our 43 years of marriage
We are roommates with different bedtimes.Perhaps that’s what it is and will be but when I think about it it makes me sad.

Aug 25, 2017 · Video Q&A about Children's Eye Health in About Kids & Teens

My granddauhhter tilts her head and rests her head on her arm looking out of her left eye when she colors or draws. Also, her left eye slightly turns in when she is fatigued.Her mom has brought her to an ophthalmologist. He found nothing wrong. My question is: Would the child benefit from seeing a pediatric ophthalmologist or is that overkill?
Thank you,
Grateful Granny