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Jan 27, 2018 · Stomach bloating/ digestive issues in Digestive Health

Hello! My doctor had me do an allergy test which said to cut out gluten, dairy and eggs. I have been feeling much better cutting out these. Still get pretty bloated and have issues, but I feel much better than before. I went to a different doctor who suggested a low food map diet for IBS. She said it manifests differently in people. Anyways, made me think of your comment. How are you doing?

Apr 16, 2017 · Stomach bloating/ digestive issues in Digestive Health

Hi. Sorry to hear about your problems.Sounds very frustrating. I too have adjusted my diet many times but it has not helped. Like you, my tests show nothing and they said my problems are not related to prior health problems. Maybe this round ot testing will offer more information for you. If i hear anything helpful i will let you know.

Apr 16, 2017 · Stomach bloating/ digestive issues in Digestive Health

Hi. Thank you for your response. My doctor had talked about IBS but then ruled it out. I dont always have problems using the restoom. The bloating and pain come on after just drinking water but they do not usually lead to restroom issues. I have not been to thhe gynecologist for these issues yet. Maybe i should give it a try. Thanks.

Apr 15, 2017 · Stomach bloating/ digestive issues in Digestive Health

Thanks for your reply! Yes, different doctors did a few tests trying to determine if these problems are associated with past problems. They believe the problems are not associated. They checked my pancreas and liver ducts and said they were perfectly fine. This is also when then tested me and said i was not autoimmune.

Apr 14, 2017 · Stomach bloating/ digestive issues in Digestive Health

Hi. I have been having severe bloating and stomach pain for over a year now. I have been checked for SIBO and H-pylori. I have had a stomach CT, an ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, a hida scan, and a bunch of bloodwork done. The bloating and stomach pain are accompanied by exreme fatigue, hot flashes, and severe foot cramping. I was told over a year ago (after choking on food and some serious heartburn) that i have an impaired esophagus. I was placed on Emaprezale. The stomach issues continued to get worse. I was placed on more and more stomach medicine by primary care dr and GI. Nothing has helped. I was 125 lbs and i eat healthy and would work out regularly. I am now 140 lbs. I cannot workout because it causes stomach pain. Plus i am so tired i can barely make it through work. I went to see a naturopath after no success with GI. I was eventually put on an elemental det after other gut healing steps did not work. Even on the liquid diet the bloating continued, but i was not as tired. Eventually i crashed and needed to eat again. I had a food allergy and them avoided everything i wss told not to eat but this did not help. I was told i have gastritis and esophagitis but nothing they have done has helped how i feel. It is getting hard to make it through the day. I need help. I have had previous health issues including uterine fibroids that lead to bad blood hemoraging. I ended up having a hysterectomy . I had brain and spinal cord surgery 20 years ago for syringomyelia. I have had pancreas problems. I was told i had autoimmune problems including juvenile arthritis and sjogrens. Now i test negative for autoimmune problems but have lasting joint damage. I am 36. My rheumatologist told me i have the joints of someone 65 or older. I have been checked for pancreas issues but have no problems anymore. I am taking digestive enzymes but they ate not helping. Sorry for the long rant. Any suggestions???