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May 16, 2017 · MAC antibiotics and side effects in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Self taught I am unable to respond to Mayo Connect members. It will saythe Server will not open because there are to many reconnects … I will ask my Family tonight to help me with this. Explains my absence in responding to members who write me.So sorry,Judy@DavisEyes

May 16, 2017 · Do Bronchiectasis and MAC go together? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hello Teresa and fellow Patients of Respiratory Disease. I agree this site is a great gift from those who share our Journey.
Thanks to Mayo. I ask members to be patient in receiving my posts as I am a 64 years young Widow who is self taught
in the Computer Tecnology world. My young grandchildren know more. Hahaha
I would also like to draw attention to the many Medical terms often used by those on this site. Appreciatively and
understandably, knowledge of our personal Disease can be reflective in the language skills that come from our
Medical Team who introduce us to them respective of our Disease. In being careful to not paint all with the same
brush, I find myself having to do research to define some medical lingo written by informed patients. I guess what
I am respectfully asking is that we keep that in mind as we communicate with each other.
Thank you,
Unsure as to how I can send to a group, to all who have reached out to me will you forward this
to fellow Members Teresa?

May 9, 2017 · Do Bronchiectasis and MAC go together? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thank you fellow Canadian. Respiratory disease knows no boundaries.
Grateful to Mayo who have given us this valuable opportunity to connect
with those who journey with us both in experience and their personal understanding
of living life with Bronchiectasis. I have done so for 36 years but have never walked alone.
Five (5) years ago the sudden, unexpected and without farewell passing of my Husband
Wayne, would challenge my resolve. In his Honor I continued to deny Bronchiectasis the
right to remove me from the living. With the loss of my Medical Team who stood beside
us throughout these 36 years, combined with symptoms of active Bronchiectasis and the recent diagnosis of Aspergillosis I felt weak and defeated. The unexpected support, knowledge and the experiences both from fellow Patients and their Family’s, is giving me much needed strength
every single day. I am grateful for your voice.
( DavisEyes )

May 8, 2017 · Do Bronchiectasis and MAC go together? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Thank you for responding fellow Canadian.
Busy time. A recent flare up sent me to the ER
and after 2 days was able to produce sputum for culture.
It tested positive for Aspergillis. Will do a further test by
my Respiratory Physician by weeks end. Anyone heard of it?

Apr 28, 2017 · Do Bronchiectasis and MAC go together? in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Good Morning: New to the group wish to share personal experience with BRONCHIECTASIS.
Bronchiectasis would first introduce itself to me as a 28 year young Mom just 3 months
shy of giving birth to my second Child. Three years of respiratory infections, non productive
cough and repeated hospital admissions for ” pneumonia “, diagnosis would be confirmed
when an experienced Physician who was only known to me because of so many Emergency
Room visits, spoke to my Husband with respect to what he believed warranted further respiratory
investigations to accurately define what was causing these reoccurring Pneumonia’s.
The end result … Bronchiectasis, with severe damage to the right lung. A right middle lobectomy
would give me my life back with only one Respiratory hospital admission in 20 years.
In 2006, I would become symptomatic of this Disease again. Repeated respiratory infections, non productive cough and the familiar associated Lung pain is dictating my life once again some
36 years later. Thought to be a hands on educated glass half full kind of person with respect
to my Disease, the medical team who have guided me on my Respiratory journey, have since retired or have passed on. Enter a new medical Team. Young textbook smart recent Graduates in the field of Medicine has created a new symptom to my respiratory treatment plan … Fear!
Bronchiectasis patients should not all be treated with the same brush. I have spent the last
two years of valuable time defending my symptoms, my personal respiratory experiences including
the rationale behind the right middle lobectomy and the existing treatment plan designed
for me by Respiratory Physicians at a Hospital in London, Ontario, Canada. New knowledge
of the risks associated with the long term use of Antibiotics, the pro’s and cons of Arosols
versus multi doses of Puffers during flare ups and the precious success of preventative
measures to reduce inflammation and trapped mucous plugs and the accompanying
Lung, rib cage and body pain associated with excessive coughing, inflammation, scaring
pockets of atelectasis and from diffused bilateral Bronchiectasis has left me exhausted
physically and emotionally. It is difficult enough to co exist with Bronchiectasis. The
one size fits all approach to treating Lung Disease dictated by my new Physician,
has come with a price. THE LOSS OF MY QUALITY OF LIFE!

Thank you for letting me vent. A Mom and Grandmother I tend not to share with them
the day to day challenges of living with Bronchirctasis. During flare ups they worry
enough about my care. I will find my strong self again and I give myself permission
to sit for a moment in feeling defeated for the first time in the 36 years of living with
Bronchiectasis. In my 65 years I know not to define all Physicians by the
mis-guided actions and personal bias of another.
Blessings to fellow Respiratory patients.