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Apr 14, 2017 · Collagenous Gastritis in Digestive Health

@epvb I was diagnosed a couple years ago with collagenous gastritis (CG) by Dr. Murray and Dr. Acosta at Mayo Clinic, Rochester. It first started in 2013 after a stressful period i was experiencing heartburn all the time and anemia – i had an endoscopy, and they didn’t see anything. Then, I had a massive GI bleed (hematemesis + melena). I was hospitalized for about 2 weeks and had a transfusion, and they did a bunch of endoscopies and just assumed I had regular case of bad gastritis. After that, i stopped eating or digesting anything that could make my gastritis worse, but I unfortunately had a second bleed in 2014, and that’s when they finally found out about my CG. I contacted Joseph Murray at Mayo and they gave me budesonide to take twice a day. Although it has been helpful since then, I’m having a rebound of symptoms just recently, so I’m looking to connect with people to see what worked for them. I’m wondering if one day they’ll find the root cause (like they did with celiac). A lot of the definitions/profiles of collagenous gastritis don’t really fit my experience, so I’m curious to see what other people have been through.