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Oct 23, 2017 · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers: Dementia

Thank you Scott for your quick reply. 56 days for your wife?? I’m sure that experience is horrific…nobody should have to endure that-on both sides.
I guess the “need to know” freak in me has to accept that this is an unknown. Hard to stand by and feel helpless…
Thanks again,

Oct 23, 2017 · Caring for someone with dementia / Alzheimer's in Caregivers: Dementia

Hi there,
After two years at home with caregivers, my mom and myself, my Dad is starting the final marathon. He has stopped eating and drinking anything but a few spoonfuls a day. He looks like he just can’t coordinate his swallowing anymore and the doctor said he can’t predict the timing of the end for him but that this doesn’t appear to be just another temporary set back and we should be prepared and get organized. It’s so awful. Since he lost all ability to communicate two years ago, we have been relying on hand signals and his eyes to get feedback. This has also stopped. When you lost you MIL from Alzheimer’s @IndianaScott, did she just stop eating? How long did it take before the end came once the final decline started? Our entire family consists of my mom, my husband and teenage son so I need to be the strong one for my mom. Any info you could offer to help prepare would be greatly appreciated.

Sep 13, 2017 · Meet fellow Caregivers - Introduce yourself in Caregivers

Wow Scott, I’m happy to hear your son and his family are safe! I have no idea how insurance works in the US but I wish him an painless process putting everything back together.

Aug 30, 2017 · Breathing Issues, Weight Loss and Lack of Appetite in Parkinson's Disease

Hi Evelyn,
My Dad (who is in end-ish stage PD and dementia) also had weakness in the legs which led to a serious fall and broken hip. Once we got him home from the hospital we purchased one of those small pedalling gizmos you put on the floor in front of any chair…like cycling but my dad sits in a lift chair lazyboy while he’s doing it. He is almost entirely immobile/bedridden except he has the strength in his legs to use a walker to the bathroom. One person on each side makes sure he doesn’t tip over but the leg strength is amazing and I’m sure it’s from the “cycling”. They are quite inexpensive new and I’m sure even more reasonable pre-loved. Maybe it’s worth a try?
Good Luck,

Aug 10, 2017 · How are you dealing with fatique and constipation in PD? in Parkinson's Disease

Hi Teresa, thank you so much for checking in. We are managing my Dad with daily mini doses of laxatives along with his prune juice and pureed veggies. He having more and more challenges swallowing and really has to concentrate to make it happen. It’s birthday week for our family…my Dad yesterday and my Mom today. He got all his fave mushy desserts…lol! And even though he can’t read anymore, he knows how to take the cards out of the envelopes and is a bit stubborn about getting them back in by himself…I love that!
So, we are hanging in day by day. Tonight we are taking my mom to a beautful restaurant for an entire evening out. I hope she loves it!
Thanks again, Teresa and I hope you are enjoying the summer.

Jul 17, 2017 · How are you dealing with fatique and constipation in PD? in Parkinson's Disease

Hi Teresa,
My dad was diagnosed 6 years ago at 75. PD and dementia. I believe he is at endstage but of what? Its so hard to tell because end stage of both diseases seem to become so interwoven. ..no one can tell how long he will be in this situation. The family doctor has told us not to worry about dependency at this point…but I want to make sure nothing will actually hurt him or cause eventual pain. I feel like doctors see people in the last stage of life so often, it’s all routine to them. But not to us. Everything I ask is answered with “this can be normal at this point” of course I understand this but I’m trying to prevent any possibility of suffering down the road. Hence the laxative questions. ..its fine if he’s dependent but can something worse happen? Thank you for your answer and I will for sure ask the doctor next time he comes. The articles you posted were excellent, thank you.
I wish someone could estimate how long end stage is…he sleeps 22 hrs a day but has a decent appetite. Thanks to my mom who entices him with 10 different mini minced things every day.
Thanks monika

Jul 17, 2017 · How are you dealing with fatique and constipation in PD? in Parkinson's Disease

Thanks for this info on constipation. We are facing challenges in this area. My dad can only have water by spoon due to choking hazard and minced food. So there is no way to get 8 glasses of water in…he’s not awake long enough in day. He can’t take pills unless they are crushed.
He’s getting every bit of fibre possible with pureed veggies, prunes, oatmeal etc. But it’s not enough. Do you know if Senokot can be crushed or is it time release and needs to be intact?
He is currently getting Lansoyl but I don’t know the long term issues. Thanks!