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Tue, Jul 30 1:27pm · Excessive mucus without cough in Lung Health

@hishamhussain. I believe as you stated (I have been suffering with excessive mucus coming from lungs with out coughing 3 months ago.
I find difficulty to expel continually accumulating phlegm coming from my lungs to throat my case get worsen day by day and I feel recently short-breathing) you should follow up with what your doctor,s diagnostic advises are. And if you let him/her know that you are feeling strongly positive with his/her decision of taking Chest X-ray or CT scan that might help to decrease the confusion as X-Ray explains a lot of the case of the patient. You do not have to follow what I am saying here because it is not a prescription.. hope you feeling better soon and becoming well soon!

Mon, Jun 17 1:58pm · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Hi gabrielm @gabrielm, May 31, 2018
I believe but not a prescription is What ever happened for us may reflect the purpose on what we are concentrating on or what we are looking for and might even not in any way about what we are thinking. By getting from you the words you are saying ( Beginning in summer of 2012, I began having shortness of breath (SOB) with no other symptoms. I felt a constant need to yawn, and every few breaths wouldn't satisfy the SOB. I would take a deep breath, and felt like it would get "stuck" before satisfying the air hunger feeling. About every 3-5 deep breaths would satisfy it, only for it to return a minute later) it shows me many things, such as; changing environment, less satisfaction in the whole income conclusions included in plan, may a little of anxiety from strangers or strange place, and ……other negative incoming results around us, and it is usual anxiety or correctly we call it (normal phobia could happened to anyone and coming from any sudden feelings or actings which we are not used to it or it is not from out daily activity). But definitely if you keep pulse oximeter in your pocket and measure your O2 saturation each time you are over-whelmed by this situation, it will tell you if you doing okay or not. with this measurement you take step one, but after keeping do your exercise (and keep the oximeter on hand) if your sat over 89% and at the same time you still have Short of breath it may be normal S.O.B., but in case it is reduced less than say 88% depending on normals of your age you can say there is something wrong and visit your doctor and take a rest at that time. I can consider it just a mental issue if your sat. is over 89% with exercise, and with all medical tests normals. And you have to fight the issue that you stated here on this page by changing or getting another activities help you to forget or help you to improve your thinking. I believe you will be better. Again as I believe my advice is not a prescription but still you can check with your primary physician about its validity. I hope you getting well soon dear !

Sat, May 4 1:27pm · Mysterious shortness of breath in Lung Health

Hi gabrielm@gabrielm
I read the whole lines and I have two questions that may help you to ask your doctor. it may help but is not a prescription or you should do it. My two questions are: the first one is that in what position you getting your body into it so you have S.O.B. and the other one what daily activities you observed that could be a reason in leading you to this situation (SOB)? sometimes our way of life or positions affect us indirectly, and the anatomy of our bodies may result in complications which are different from person to person and we are not aware of it.Good luck and hope you getting well.

Wed, Apr 17 12:28pm · Episodes going on and I don't know what to do. in Brain & Nervous System

Hi dear sakota9 (Joan) @sakota.
I believe your words (those dreams are so real), create your first undesired decision. (Been thinking I should make a appointment with a neurologist) also creates your second decision, now regarding my words (as I am guessing not sure) so you do not have to believe my thinking or my words as I am not a professional. My humble advice that might work or may not is taking appointment with the primary doctor for ( except my thyroid was a little off ) and a counselor for (always good before). Some troubles in the period of pre- present good days suddenly affect our lives when the age become shortage in creating new ideas and new relationships.But not giving up is what I believe in.
Hope you find answers and wish you a great life

Mon, Mar 25 3:23pm · Pituitary macroadenoma tumor and short term memory loss. Help!! in Brain Tumor

I may help you as a reader and not as a professional surgeon, As you said you did a surgery and post op you come face to face with what you said ( I am desperate…) which means for me a hard feelings and actions accompanied every day life activities. I hope you become better and better. What I can say but you do not have to follow, many steps might improve short memory: 1. change your work shift time. 2, take (after checking with your doctor) some allowed drugs that sold over the counter to improve short memory. 3. try to improve your meals (how it is cooked and what includes).4, look at the persons with similar age who have same problems in their short memory and learn from their therapies. I wish you great life!

Mon, Feb 11 12:52pm · After Hep C Treatment in Infectious Diseases

Hi ramo
depending on my humble knowledge, I know that doctor used to discuss with his/her patient (before going into action and completing the treatment) the adverse effects and the side effects of each treatment and drugs that should be taken after treatment and the purpose of each drug in use. Beside many pre-operative tests should been conducted and performed to show the tolerance of the body of the patient. So I believe if you visit your doctor who performed the treatment and ask him/her help you and explain to you the reason behind the long list of all symptom/reactions to taking harvoni ( you do not have to abide by my opinion) that might but not sure help getting you better solutions. I hope you feeling well and good luck!

Sat, Jan 5 12:45pm · Inability to live a normal life. in Epilepsy & Seizures

Hi davidinvegas@davidinvegas
The reason is (My epilepsy has never been fully under control. 32 years or so, the number of seizes isn’t the problem, although 1 is to many) might create uncomfortable situation and not able to control normal life. Most of the time the businesses applications have a column where the applicant tells if s/he need a special needs or accomodation during the work. Which I believe the main goal of that is to empower and enhance the employees for achieving their goals and help preventing any unsatisfied results or disturbances during the work which would affect the employees and the company. I feel how important is for everyone of us today to be safe and live the life with its full expectations without worries. Good luck for you!

Sat, Jan 5 12:06pm · Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Temporary Paralysis? in Just Want to Talk

Hi amber3212 @amber3212
You stated (I found chronic fatigue syndrome and a lot of her symptoms are matching that. Although, I cant find anywhere where temporary paralysis is a symptom). My question would be related or not in a way or another, but may lead to what you are looking for if not please just ignore question is addiction of any kind of drugs was mentioned in the past medical history record of your mother? The conception of the addictive patient is the obesticle
of becoming able to cope with life and deterioration in life circumstances. the progress of that can be ended with more complicated physical, emotion and mental damages. I hope it helps but is not absolutely meaning of that.
Wish she getting well, and find what you are looking for!