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Apr 6, 2017 · Diabetic coma - anyone else experienced this? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I am still very stressed because my husbands sugars have not completely gone back to normal. I call his doctor every day and he is adjusting his insulin. It was a very scary episode. He was out almost 10 minutes until the ambulance came. Thank God he was still breathing. His mothers birthday ( his mother passed but he saw her every day till she died) was Sunday and he had the episode Saturday morning. I kept saying Please don’t die on me, I need you to cook for me. I believe his mother is his Guardian Angel. The sugars are getting better so I guess it will take a little time until he is back to having a good sugar level. We were just getting his A1C level down to 7. Thanks for the concern. Ginny LaBella

Apr 6, 2017 · Diabetic coma - anyone else experienced this? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

My husband has had diabetes sicehewasin his 50s. He developed Pancrestis and almost died. A cyst resulted in his panaceas so he was operated on and developed diabetes a few months later. He had been doing well and his levels were getting perfect. He recently was in an accident and has severe back pain. He had a cortisone shot last week Tuesday and his sugar levels started rising. He knew they would go up and he took extra insulin. Sat morning he went into a diabetic coma. So scary. He was released from hospital Monday this week. His sugars have come down but are not perfect yet. His doctor has him taking 5 more lantus. Anyone out there who has had. A diabetic coma and knows ther course of treatment and how long it takes to have normal sugars