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Hi. I tried the epidural too , 4 x. I was so excited to finally have some relief. Well, it didn’t work. Then, they told me that sometimes it would take 2 and to come back. So I did, 3x more, and still no relief, so I decided to give that up. They are very expensive where I lived, over 5K each. I have insurance, but still had a copay. Hope it goes well with You!!

Apr 7, 2018 · Politics of Pain in Chronic Pain

Wow! I’m replying to follow up on what has happened? Did the bill pass? I am fortunate to have private insurance first and Medicare second as I am disabled due to a stroke that ended my career as an ICU Nurse in 2011 and left me with a complex Pain Syndrome in my Left Leg. I too have felt the government ‘s obsession with what they call the ‘opiate craze’. My primary physician has lowered the amount of rescue meds I receive and has lock me into a single dose on my main opiate refusing to increase the dose or shorten the time between doses even tho I have been at the same dose and schedule for 2 years and have been taking the drug at varying strengths for 6 years. The kicker is that he’s done it before; gone up in dosage and shortened the time between doses, all medically suggested. It’s the FDA. There watching everyone, looking for unusual activity. Whatever. It’s sad that good, honest people have to suffer BC of the bad apples.


Hi All, heard some wonderful ideas. Most of them I’ve tried, a few I haven’t, and will put on my list to check them out. My problem is, nothing last. A few things have worked extremely well the first time I’ve used them, up to 9 hours of relief on one product, however, the second time: back to the 4 hour time window. I have to be sure I medicate/treat my pain at the first inkling or it gets out of hand really quick and I’m sure we’ve all been there. One thing I’ve notice is that no one has mentioned ESSENTIAL OILS (EO). I’ve had a lot of success using EO, all natural with no side effects. I suggest an App ‘Reference Guide for Essential Oils’ cost $6.99, if you are interested; to educate yourself b4 you start to buy. EO’s can get expensive, but don’t have to if you are educated on which ones work for pain. Even Lavender will work for muscular pain. Thank you for all the ideas. One thing; Acupuncture worked great for me in the beginning. My Acupuncturist took me as far as he could in about 18 months – 2 years and cleared up a host of physical problems and pain I was having. We just could not clear the pain in my lower left leg, ankle, and upper left buttock along the panty line. Not for more than the day I saw him anyway. Once the pain was relieved for 2 days! I was estactic! Worked great for depression. Unblocked all of that. Wish all of you the greatest of success in finding that one thing that cures your pain. Don’t forget to pray, it works!

Apr 7, 2018 · Severe Chronic Back Pain - Can I take Expired Meds to alleviate pain? in Spine Health

Hi. Someone always takes a chance when they take expired meds. Supposedly there are chemical changes that happen. That said, I was 4 states from home on vaca with complex pain syndrome and somehow my full bottle of rescue meds suddenly disappeared while we were out shopping. And yes, they were hidden. Anyway, jumping ahead past the drama, my friend had a 10 year old script of 50 oxycodone from when her expired mother had cancer and offered them to me. She felt bad BC we were staying with her and the theft occurred at her house. They worked great! So, CAUTION: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! The medical community does not recommend, neither do I, however I have shared my experience with expired meds with you. Only you can weigh the risk vs any potential benefits. Good luck.

Apr 6, 2018 · CRPS - anyone suffering with complex regional pain syndrome in Chronic Pain

Wow! I too have a similar story, only mine is truly in my head. A stroke 7 years ago left me with a central pain syndrome. The kicker is, nowhere on the painful leg is there any type of damage to cause the pain. The issue is the normal messages the brain receives are being perceived as pain in my stroked out brain. So what to do. Well, I’ve tried a lot of things from amitryptitalline (spelling?) to acupuncture, opiates, physical therapy, massage, and excersise. Currently using 100 mcg Fentanyl patches q72 hrs, Norco 10 for breakthru, on Gabapentin and Neurontin to slow down and misdirect the messages to the brain so they won’t be perceived as pain. And I can tell the difference when I don’t take them. And more drugs for the side effects of the above: depression, constipation, etc. I’ve had to go on an ASV MASK and Machine which is like a souped up Bipap only it has the ability to act like a ventilator if needed; because of the effect of the drugs slowing my breathing so much that I now have sleep apnea. I’ve lost over 40 pounds since the stroke and am Immune Deficient. More drugs for that. I started using Pure Organic Medical Grade Essential Oils (EO) to help with the pain because as you know, after being on the opiates for so long, ive built such a tolerance that the opiates don’t manage the pain like they used to and with the FDA going nuts in the ‘opiate craze’ as the FDA likes to call it, my MD won’t go up on my Fentanyl nor shorten the time between changes, although we’ve done both before. He’s also cut my Norco down so that I get less than I use too. Although that’s not his fault but the pharmacy, they won’t fill over 120 pills at a time. Well, I’ve spilled my guts here. I do want to encourage you to try the EO’s. They have really saved my life and really do actually work against pain and inflammation. I signed up as an associate with no responsibility to purchase more than an original kit ( which did contain 7/10 items I could use for pain & inflammation. This also allowed me to purchase EO at wholesale prices, so I could get the extra items to use for pain as I learned more about EO’s. Hope some of this helps.

Feb 27, 2018 · CRPS - anyone suffering with complex regional pain syndrome in Chronic Pain

I don’t have your daughter’s diagnosis but I do have chronic pain, diagnosed as ‘Central Pain Syndrom ’ following a midline stroke. I too had intense burning, knife like pain all over my body. At first, I just remember the intense burning, like coals being pressed into my body. It was awful. 6 years later, Acupuncture helped a whole lot. Did not cure the pain, but diminished it to a level where with Opiod and neurotrophic drugs ( to interrupt the pain my brain) I can function and am able to do activities of daily living and get out, drive, etc. it does, however, continue to be a daily battle. Good luck to your daughter.