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Mar 10, 2019 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Please unsubscribe me. I"m involved with a number of these type groups locally. I really don't have time to review these e mails or contribute anything. You are doing a very helpful service. Keep it going. Incidentally, You may want to check the unsubscribe function on the website. It doesn't work.
Joan Zanuskey

May 20, 2017 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

I tried to reply to this post but keep getting notice that you have redirected my posts too many times etc. Don't get it. I rarely if ever post anything so what is this about??

May 2, 2017 · Sciatica pain in Spine Health

The lower back epidural injections for stenosis did nothing for me. The Hyalan type injections for my shoulders did nothing as well.Had this done by an anesthesiologist who now operates a “pain clinic” at a small hospital on L.I. N.Y. In my case, taking steroids that are not effective, is not worth the risk. So far I’m doing the best on Medical Marijuana and Ibuprofen twice or 3 times a day, Plus PT twice a week. Check out the latest issue of Consumer Reports for an extensive article on Back Pain. Good luck with your treatment choice and don’t believe everything the doctor tells you. Check the treatments and drugs yourself, reading and talking to fellow sufferer’s and ask tough questions, of the doctors.

Apr 23, 2017 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

My dear Erika,
You have a tale to tell. My chronic osteoarthritis is nothing compared to your problems. God bless you for your courage and strength to keep fighting to beat this. You are inspiring! I shall remember you in my prayers. Good luck and stay strong.

Apr 17, 2017 · Marijuana has no effect in Chronic Pain

My initial experience with MM was disappointing. The pain Doc prescribed a very low dose, which probably is a safe way to start. Got a new script was upped the dosage but taking it at the prescribed dose was still not doing the job. Staff at the dispensary where it’s purchased told me in no uncertain terms that I should take more.I did and it is doing a better job in reducing the pain. I am also taking prednisone now but that is for short time only. The two meds are more helpful than just the MM. Be very careful in the weaning process from the opiods etc.This can really do a number on you. But you seem to have a good handle on the drug regimen.

Apr 12, 2017 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

@alyric, is there a medicaid program where you live? Perhaps that could help with the medical expense. You mention insurance for RX. Do you have health insurance? Will that help with the Pain Rehab costs? I understand your feeling of helplessness and frustration. Been there,done that.While I’m not dealing with the same array of chronic pain causes as you, I know my pain will always be there till I’m gone. Aside from this online group, do you have people in your life that are supportive? That is most helpful. Hang tough and try to trust in a higher power.

Apr 10, 2017 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

Hi to all
I’m an OA sufferer with gait and balance problems. I’ve had TKR 3 years ago and have extensive spinal OA (ie stenosis). Last October was diagnosed with bone on bone OA in both shoulders. Rheumatologist told me I needed bilateral shoulder replacement. I”m limited in activities as a result but no way am I having that surgery at my advanced age, 81 years old.I tried the steroid injections for the shoulders with no help there. After I pleaded with my PCP for help in finding a legitimate physician certified to prescribe Medical Marijuana she came thru with a referral. I live in NY where it recently was legalized. It’s quite costly and you have to experiment with the dosage to get the best results. It does make me a little sedated and I do not drive or do any work that requires my utmost concentration. The best relief is from the sublingual 20T/1C ratio. The 1T/1C capsules I use at bedtime. In my experience have to take 600mgs of ibuprofen at least every 8 hours with the MM. I seem to be losing strength and stamina each day. Daily life is challenging. Getting dressed is an adventure.
But I’m still plugging along. So if it is possible to obtain the legal medical marijuana don’t hesitate to use it. The opioid epidemic is not from persons with chronic pain and the issue of over prescribing for sufferers is not the cause. Stay strong and keep writing to this site.

Apr 9, 2017 · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

I would like to join the sub group for OA. I am rapidly going downhill with this. I get some relief from medical marijuana and 600mgs of Ibuprofen every 8 hrs or so. I take prilosec to counteract the discomfort from the Ibuprofen. No matter,pain or less pain I’m still very restricted in my activities and constantly fatigued. This has become a nightmare.