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Sep 12, 2017 · Join The Discussion! Online support for those affected by PICS in Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS)

My first experience was this was watching my fathe go through it after a lengthy surgery. At that time no one had any explanation to explain his behavior or beliefs. He has very little memory of it.
I was a patient at St Mary’s in June 2016. I had a major surgery and was in ICU after surgery. Apparently, I did good for several days and was up walking and moving, talking. I have NO recollection of any of that. That surgery was on June 8th. I was taken back to surgery on June 13th due to complications of necrosis and lost part of my esophagus, the entirety of my stomach and some small bowel. Surgery again June 14th to do foregut reconstruction. Unable to wean from ventilator. Surgery again on June 20th for a tracheostomy and bronchoscopy to clean out lungs. I have weird memories of some f this time that are obviously false, but when I think about them they are as real as can be. I suffered from delirium, I had no idea where I was, I made up people, I couldn’t comprehend things. When I returned back home to Kansas I was diagnosed with PTSD and panic attacks. I have never had panic attacks until after this ordeal. Been over a year and I’m still working through it.