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Mar 24, 2017 · Severe GERD in Digestive Health

Severe GERD has been my enemy for 15 years.
Doctors prescribed and I’ve taken the usual, and well known meds for GERDS, but none have given me any long term relief. The gas, nausea, stomach gurgling, stomach pain, bloating, indigestion, and gastritis had become my new normal. I’ve had all the usual tests for stomach, colon, and whatever else…..Results Always GERD! I think I’ve taken every med for GERD.
I stopped taking Prilosec six weeks ago after hearing, and reading negative reports on the long term use of these medicines.
Was seeing my Primary Physician for my yearly physical, and he questioned me about the Toprol 50mg XL. He asked me if the meds made me feel lethargic, depressed, any indigestion, any gas. My answer was YES, YES, AND YES to all the above. He gave no comments, but his questions caused some concerns for me and I called my Cardiologist with my concerns….taking Toprol for rapid heartbeat. Shared my concerns with my Cardiologist and he advised me to take half/25mg pill before bedtime…..I was taking pill in the AM after breakfast…..breakfast is a bowl of instant grits. Heartbeat has always been rapid after meals and I’d start to associate eating with heartrate. I had some serious indigestion and heartburn 2 weeks ago and tried the new Duo Fusion Chewables by Zantac. AND WHAT A RELIEF!!!!!! I now chew one Fusion after meals and absolutely NO Gas, No Indigestion, No Heartburn, AND NO RAPID HEARTBEAT.
I could get my heart rate down if I could manage to get that long belch out, the one that starts at the bottom of the leftside of my diaphragm and travels up and out….feels so good, but the Fusion prevents the buildup of air/gas for me.
The Fusion is the BEST and I feel GREAT. I’m no longer limiting my foods to white rice, green beans, and grilled salmon…..this has been my main meal for about 3 years, at least four times a week. CAN’T EAT ANY FRUITS, DAIRY PRODUCTS(Lactose Intolerant), most vegetables, wheat, nothing Red, and most breads, I’m okay with eating Flat Bread. No juices, nor sodas, but ok with Ginger Ale.
Do you think it’s okay to chew the Fusion daily which gives me so much RELIEF? I don’t believe they would be as harmful as taking the prescribed meds for so many years and had no healing nor relief.