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Mar 21, 2017 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you for the information regarding the book, I will definitely check it out. Most of my conversations with my MD’s, will result in same responses such as “getting older” and either link the complaints to my varicose veins, my extra weight, or think I am depressed. I actually have had 2 doctors and some of my nursing friends mention MS, but I do not recall any family members with MS. I have had varicose veins that bother me, and believe that I had Peripheral Vascular problems. But the problems walking, the numb, painful and dysfunctional feet drive me insane. I have always been energetic, and I love working. I’m not a person to sit. If nutrition will ease the symptoms, I will make whatever drastic changes I need to feel better and live a normal life.

Mar 21, 2017 · Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - please introduce yourself in Brain & Nervous System

I’m not sure if I have MS. Just curious. I have been a nurse for 33 years and spend a lot of time on my feet. I have always contributed my leg and foot pain to this reason until recently. I was talking to another nurse who has MS, and listened intently to her issues. I also have the pins and needles to my lower legs and feet, restless legs, sharp, shooting pain at times in my heels, sides of feet, and into my hands and fingers. Not to mention cramping of my legs, feet and hands. Various spasms in my stomach, diaphragm, legs, and feet. But over the past 6 months, I have had problems walking. My legs feel huge and don’t want to move. When I stand up after sitting, or driving, I cant walk, and I usually stand for a few minutes before I force myself to move my legs. My feet feel funny, like they don’t bend. Like I’m walking with flippers. I fatigue very easily. Simple things like doing laundry, cooking, showering, all require standing, and my legs become weak, and my feet will sting and become painful standing on them. My vision issues are the same as my coworker as well. I have had blurry vision, problems with glare, and have had black-out spots in my line of vision. These issues are so varied, it is possible I have multiple things going on, and being a nurse, I don’t want to be paranoid. Several years ago, I would wake up each morning with my arms having no feeling. Not numb, but like I didn’t have arms. A doctor told me it sounded like MS. At the time, it was the only symptom I was having and didn’t have any tests. I’m concerned because I plan to work for the next 10 -12 years. I would like to know if better nutrition would ease my symptoms.

Mar 20, 2017 · Wondering if i have Multiple Sclerosis in Autoimmune Diseases

I was once told my an MD that I probably had early MS. Years ago I would wake up in the mornings without any feeling in my arms. Like they didn’t exist. Quite different than numbness. I thought this doctor was nuts. Now I am not so sure. I have a lot of the symptoms, but truly feel if I lost weight, these symptoms may go away. Symptoms include dizziness, visual disturbances like black spots or blurriness, itchy legs and scalp, terrible leg and foot cramps at night, hands cramp, painful hands and feet, difficulty walking, and not to mention the terrible fatigue. I am a nurse in management, and I can not walk after 8 pm. I have to hold to furniture and my feet feel extremely painful to walk. I have spasms actually different areas of my body, and I have audible sounds that I am not sure are imaginary or real. I have often thought I was just too stressed by my job, depressed, or just doing too much. But physically, I feel exhausted all the time. When I get out of a car or go to stand up after sitting for a long period of time, I can’t walk. I stand there a few minutes then move my legs, which feel extremely large and nonfunctional, before I can walk. I have to take little breaks between tasks, just to be able to perform even simple tasks. What can I expect in the next months to come? Should I retire and be able to take care of myself?