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Mar 16, 2017 · Food Allergies with Dr. Benjamin Wright in Healthy Living

Where do I find the live Q&A?

Mar 15, 2017 · Food Allergies with Dr. Benjamin Wright in Healthy Living

My daughter was born with food allergies (peanuts, soy, egg, and milk), we found out at 6 months old, but has since outgrown eggs, soy, and milk, now at age 4, her peanut level still continues to rise. At age 3, she has a positive back skin test and blood levels read a 34, now at 4 years old back test is still positive and blood levels were a 100+…. what do the significance of these numbers mean? Is there a possibility she could still outgrow the peanut allergy? To this day, she has yet to ingest a peanut; we only know of the allergy because of the skin and blood tests that were results from the milk allergy. We’ve been told by our pediatric allergy specialist she is in the anaphylaxis range and we carry epi pens everywhere we are. We have no idea what her actual reaction is to a peanut, but we avoid them like the plague. How can I find out what results of 100+ means? At 6 months old when we introduced foods (along with continued nursing to 11 months of age) is when we found the food allergies. I avoided them for her to not get the allergen through breastmilk and we’ve been diligent about avoiding since then. I’m baffled why she outgrew the three others yet peanuts continues to rise, dispite never coming in contact with a peanut, peanut oil, pink peppercorn, etc.. should we be doing something in addition to avoiding to help the peanut allergy? What can we do different? Thank you!