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Wed, May 13 7:33pm · Side Effects of Prolia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I will be glad to let you know the scan results, hopefully an improvement,I take Vitamin D 1,500 daily.
What is your Clorox/water ratio?
Personally, I feel life for us will be forever changed – The Corona virus is complicated.

Wed, May 13 7:21pm · Help!! Severe itching with no relief -- not sure why! in Caregivers

My husband developed severe itching on his back. The skin looked normal and was not dry.
The cream that gave him instant relief was a prescription for Triamcinolone 0.1%.

Wed, May 13 7:02pm · Side Effects of Prolia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have been on Generic Fosamax for two years, no issues at all. You take it once a week,
so it would not be hard to get off of its if issues developed. I talked with two Orthopedic
doctors before I was willing to try this med. I will be getting a bone scan when the
Corona virus lets up. Even with gloves on, I use a knuckle to push an elevator button.

Fri, Apr 17 10:57pm · Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

PS I take Vitamin D also.

Fri, Apr 17 10:56pm · Do Prolia injections affect the kidneys? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Thank you for your post, I am not familiar at all with PTH and GER. I am on Generic Fosamax year 2 and like you I had a surgical menopause a bit older than you. I checked with two Orthopods and my GP before starting my " bone med" – plan on a bone scan after the Corona virus settles down for getting tests. Thanks again.

Thu, Mar 12 5:26pm · Side Effects of Prolia in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Do other "bone meds" also not allow DEAD BONE to exit the body? I am on generic Fosamax, so far no problems, I am aware of. Have not had a bone scan since being on the med. I consulted 2 Orthopedic doctors before I started the generic Fosamax. Do notice popping in lower back when turning, twisting etc. Thank you for all you share with us.

Sat, Feb 29 11:03pm · First natural period after birth control in Women's Health

I certainly remember my first period after DCing The Pill – extreme cramping, I pondered I may be having a miscarriage.
My "pill periods" were pain free, In no time I was back on my pre-pill cycle of 26 days and considerable monthly cramping,
I always experienced from a teen to menopause.
Myself I agree with Colleen's suggestion of doing an "at home" test, you will have peace of mind.

Sat, Feb 22 8:45pm · Anyone disappointed with their Hospice group? in Caregivers

Sounds like I must be an ungrateful person doesn't it. However, Medicare picks up HOSPICE billing, we were offered and declined many items that were never needed at anytime.
Hospice is a wonderful service, our nursing staff normally A+ . One example, they wanted my husband to have a walker on hand for future use, we had two walkers, both in excellent condition, loans from family members.
The aid and the RN arrived together, driving separate cars. The aid never did a thing but sit and check phone constantly. Aids are not allowed to do vitals, only the RN. Eventually I found out what an aid could have offered to do, those services would be most helpful for someone living alone without a in home caregiver like a spouse, relative etc.
Many situations are far more demanding than ours, we were married over 50 years I was abundantly blessed to be able to care for my husband at home.