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Jun 19, 2019 · Caregiving: I’m frustrated and exhausted. in Caregivers

Scott, very well-said. Caregivers vary in what they can handle. I felt truly blessed I could keep my husband and home, hospice for the most part was satisfactory. I would like to share more, just can't right now. While reading the posts my heart aches for each of you. and what you have been through and are going through.

May 31, 2019 · My abdominal pain in Women's Health

So glad you went to "ER" or maybe saw a doctor and was admitted. — best wishes for for getting a good prep for your procedure tomorrow.
I had both ovaries get tangled with with something,(can't remember what it was called) like they were strangled, no pain just periods every 14 days, They developed this issue at diff times, To solve the problem, first one was removed, then a few years later the other,
same issue with each of them
Now you can have peace of mind knowing you did have issues to be addressed.. We all appreciate you getting back with your news.
Take good care,Healing thoughts and prayers are with you.

May 28, 2019 · Problems After Hysterectomy in Women's Health

Oh my, painful symptoms, could you suggest a CT, and or a MRI. with CONTRAST? Maybe a different doctor would be willing to explore your situation.,
Usually a hysterectomy solves issues not causes them. Best wishes for you to get a diagnosis to have peace of mind.

Apr 29, 2019 · To start generic Fosamax soon and very concerned! in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Thank you for your reply, I feel confused on the meds, have read about most of them, I am taking D3 and Tums , seems most of the Calcium on the shelf were the Calcium that is in Tums. What form of Calcium is in Bone Up? Wonder is some Generics are better than others. I followed the directions this am, did sit after the tablet, put pillows behind me so I would be sitting straight. Drank water and after a few hours I could taste the med for some reason, the taste went away, I swallowed the tablet, . We must do what we can. Your cost for Prolia seems reasonable for non-generic, I did not realize it was only taken 2 times a year. There is one injectiable "bone" med, I was told, that is over $1,000 a year, you get just one injection a year. I got a 90 day supply of my Generic Fosamax at COSTCO (3 boxes of 4 Tablets) Very reasonable too, will look for my paperwork and post the price.
Maybe some others will add comments for all of us. I really need others' experiences, good or bad, on these meds.
I did read last night that if you take iron NOT to take with some of the meds, assume you wait a few hours. No Aspirin.,

Apr 28, 2019 · To start generic Fosamax soon and very concerned! in Bones, Joints & Muscles

What can anyone share about their Osteoporosis meds……I have consulted with 2 Orthopods, GP, Dentist and Chiropractor. All feel I should try the med.
I am reluctant for some reason, know several that took one dose of their med and had side affects. I was going to start tomorrow morning, Have some busy weeks, in a quandary to say the least.
All 4 DEXA scans were requested by me, only the last one is in the Osteoporosis level.– 2019 T SCORE -2.7 –in 2014 was -2.3 (what are Z scores?)
Z scores show also.
Please share your experiences with us if you want, the information will be helpful and appreciated by all..
For several years I have taken Vitamin D and Calcium.
I am almost 77 and live alone.. My weight is good, lost less that one inch in height.
Doing my best to be optimistic.
Thanking each of you for input you care to share.

Mar 14, 2019 · Weaning off zolpidem (Ambien) in Sleep Health

Seems this med works wonderful for some, a friend took ONE table, the next morning she noticed she had gotten up sometime in the night
changed clothes and went back to bed. she did not remember even waking…., she phoned her doctor and he DCed the med.
My MD will NOT prescribe Ambien because of what has happened to some, like even driving at night and finding fast food wrappers on kitchen table
the next morning and not remembering the activities.
We all are wired differently.
Wish I could help, I know 3 people that do not want to get off of it, it works for them.
For sure I think I would ask the prescribing doctor what to do, I would imagine gradually tapering off. If OTC helps you are blessed.

Mar 14, 2019 · Yeast infection symptoms in Women's Health

I agree use the 7 day instead of the 1 or 3 day – my issues same as lady shared–after a round of antibiotic. Will remember taking a probiotic in the future after an antibiotic for myself. An elderly aunt developed unrelenting itchiness, called me and I told her what could be the issue since she had been on an antibiotic.
This was many, many years ago, only the 7 day was available and was a prescription medication at that time also. She was in her 80's.
I wish I understood how use these sites' various areas..

Mar 12, 2019 · Bleeding during sex in Women's Health

Oh my, please consider seeing a doctor. Do you still have periods, Older women can have a tiny bit of blood because of thin vaginal tissue.