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help getting started with medical canibus oil, patches.  Am senior having y


help virtuous69 69 hear.  In so lunch pain I want to try the cannabis oil drops doctor approved and I live in California. Now I want to order today and I'm confused about the dosage I think the starter dosage of 300 milligrams might be a little too low for me but I don't know how to go about it do I do this online I want a high-quality not a fly-by-night dispensary and I want to start immediately any recommendations and also I have I'm a senior needing to move out of my house in the next 50 8 days and some money is extremely tight so I can't buy the most expensive thing on the market any recommendations for a good workable oil and drops or topical patches and also why is the THC also included in a small ratio please if anybody can give me a good dispensary that I can order from a product that is not horribly expensive please please please help me you can reach me

May 4, 2018 · shoulder tendenitis/rotator cuff pain in Chronic Pain

@gemmax hi gemmax and others. Gem did you have shoulder surgery?
I like your comments on what you are able to do. Dragging heavy groceries up our mobile home stairs with a rolling cart was my own fault and your personal routine sounds encouraging, if only I could kneel to garden. I will try walking and swinging arms gently.
prob is we are suppoosed to be cleaning out our mobile of accumulated 20 years of poor housekeeping due to double hip replacements, spinal and cervical stenosis. Somehow your post encouraged me.
PT thot that I have shoulder tendonitis. My PC has ordered an MRI for me which I,m debating on.I,m wearing a shoulder sling to help restrict me from using my left arm
for lifting and carrying things.but pain is 24|7 and use advil and Norco. was given two simple excercises which I forget to do as I have so many other pain issues and can no longer afford my PT who was great with ultra sound and massage.
victorius 69

Apr 16, 2018 · shoulder tendenitis/rotator cuff pain in Chronic Pain

Hello 1942, thx for reply and encouragement for pstience. Mine started by pulling rolling grocery cart and water bottles up our mobile home back stairs. I,m doing pretty much your routine for the last week, no shots or MRI, do exercise band stretches and other exercise recommended by my PT, ice pack, arm sling to carry some of the weight off my arm and shoulder and advil for all my many spinal arthritic issues plus Tiger Balm muscle salve.
At least I sleep good now. Looked at internet for home treatment advise. Husband has his own aches and pains, retired last month, but helps drag up the groceries. We have to move to senior living type apt, so I delight in , and am envious in hearing of your sewing and light gardening that I have no time for (was my favorites) Have to mop some seriously grimy bathroom floors today and that terrifies me. Hope to hear from you again sometime. Blessings, Victorious69

Apr 14, 2018 · shoulder tendenitis/rotator cuff pain in Chronic Pain

hi, no MRI yet, only exam by pt who suggested shoulder tendonitis. We are in the throws of losing our mobile home, husband forcrd to retire
At 79 1|2 must find senior housing out of silicon valley. so much to clean up before we can even pack up.I do have an ortho but haven,t met my deductible yet. Wearing an arm sling just to remind me not to use my left arm. Sports store |sells shoulder brace for $60. Feeling overwhelmed. Dear lady, good luck with resolving your shoulder issue. Victorious69

Apr 13, 2018 · shoulder tendenitis/rotator cuff pain in Chronic Pain

@all. yesterday I sent out a post asking if anyone has/treats their shoulder tendonitis/rotator cuff injury with a sling or shoulder brace? My pt thinks its shoulder tendonitis, but it sure hurts. Internet suggests ice 4 x day, ibuprofen, and not to use shoulder for 48 hours. My arm sling keeps me from using my left arm and lets me have pain free sleep, but I seem to need to be medicated and not lift anything anymore. Lifting grocery bags and water bottles probably started the whole mess. Any comments on slings or braces?? Victorious69

Apr 11, 2018 · Easing the Burdens of Caregivers: Meet @IndianaScott in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@indiannaScott wrote you a long thank you post and so happy to hear that you've been recognized as a great moderator. You are one of my favorites I will always always be grateful for your encouraging comments. I hope my original post pops up some where. I was encouraged to read about your interest in Napa Valley Wines and raising Labradors. Then I saw about you having a stroke in December and losing a part of your eyesight .that made me very sad. Things are even worse than they were before .My husband has retired in March and we have to move quickly to somewhere we don't know where we're going to a senior living that's cheaper. So I will probably jump back in the Mayo Clinic in to the just want to talk subject and also I posted yesterday a request for anybody who has ever used a shoulder brace for a torn rotator cuff or shoulder tendonitis. Thank you ever so much for being who you are and for the delightful person and posts that you've encouraged me along the way signed Victorious 69 Dori

Apr 11, 2018 · Easing the Burdens of Caregivers: Meet @IndianaScott in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@colleenyoung need help jumping bsck into mayo connect. Tried to start new topic discussion about shoulder tendonitis and rotator cuff tear especially about asking anyone if they've ever used a shoulder brace for support and what they do to treat their symptoms for shoulder tendonitis and Rotator tear. Signed Victorious 69