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Apr 10, 2017 · Empty Sella Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

Due to vision issues my opthomologist ordered several vision tests. Heard today the results were abnormal and I’m being referred to a neuro opthomologist. Findings said “suspicious for process affecting the optic chasm”. Not sure what it means but hope to get appt soon.

Mar 8, 2017 · Empty Sella Syndrome in Brain & Nervous System

I also rec’d this diagnosis thru an MRI this month. The MRI was a follow up to determine if a colloid cyst had grown and was causing my headaches and neck pain. The cyst was previously found by cat scan. Like others here I was also told it was nothing of concern. Interestingly the cyst doesn’t even show on the MRI. I am already being treated by a neurologist for essential tremor. Plan to research further and discuss with him. FYI I am female and have had weight problem at times in my life but certainly not obese.