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5 minutes ago · Living Donor Kidney surgery next Tuesday: Any advice? in Transplants

@earlenes thank you for what you are doing. I am a potential kidney transplant recipient (listed and looking for a living kidney donor). I hope I have someone like you when I need it.

19 minutes ago · Morning glucose test in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I’ve been diabetic for nearly 45 years. I can tell you that EVERYTHING affects blood sugar and vice versa; blood sugar affects EVERYTHING! Everyone is different. There is not a “one size“ diagnosis, treatment or prognosis. @Itssjs mentioned the “dawn effect”. There is another similar phenomena called symoji (sp?) effect. They are things that can help explain patterns in blood sugar. Sometimes nothing makes any sense. Just do your best with a lot of testing, data collection, trial and error. Be thankful for the victories. Try again after the flubs. Know that you aren’t alone. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you travel this journey.

2 days ago · From a Living Donor: One year later, what is your life like now? in Transplants

@cleverusername & @rosemarya thank you for tagging me in this discussion about living organ donation. I WISH I had experience with this but I don’t, at least not yet. I am diabetic and have chronic kidney disease (CKD). I had a pancreas transplant (from a deceased donor) in 2005. The transplant was like a personal miracle for me in that some of the complications of diabetes were reversed &/or became stable. However in 2016 it became apparent that my kidney function was worsening and I would need a kidney transplant. I’ve been approved, accepted & listed for kidney transplant at Mayo in Rochester. I am also looking for a living kidney donor. I am very interested in paired donation. Thus far I have not found a willing/suitable donor for myself or to participate with me in a chain. I’m starting my 5th year of looking & waiting. My GFR has bounced between 14 – 42 during this time and is currently 23 so my listing was changed to inactive (20 is typically the cutoff for active listing for transplant). I guess I should be grateful for that because I’m still not on dialysis. I have been hoping for a preemptive transplant to avoid dialysis. But it is hard to maintain hope when there is no donor in sight!

Tue, Jan 7 9:54am · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

Thanks everybody for acting on this before I did. I saw it today 1/7/2020. I wonder how it made it through to my email notifications yesterday? 🤔

Tue, Jan 7 6:53am · New Transplant Blog Posts in Transplants

@keggebraaten I woke up to an alarming post by a new member as of yesterday. It was an email notification that came to me of a new post to this discussion. When I clicked view or reply it was not here. I tried to copy it and want to paste it here:

This is Bunk. It needs to be flagged and reported. This Dr Mark is implying that he is affiliated with Mayo and Mayo buys kidneys! Can you or someone else get rid of this guy and his posts before some desperate member falls for this?

Sep 17, 2019 · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

@formydad, you all have a lot going on. I’m a believer. Have been keeping you in my prayers and lifting all this up to the great physician who knows what you need.

Aug 31, 2019 · Any double donors out there: liver and kidney? in Transplants

@rebekahinvt my daughter donated a kidney to my f-i-l (her grandpa) in 2003. Now I’m in need of a kidney myself. My daughter thinks outside of the box. She called Mayo to ask if she could donate part of her liver to someone on my behalf in exchange for a kidney for me. She was told:
1. A living liver donor & liver recipient need to be related in some way.
2. The paired donation exchange chain doesn’t work the way she proposed (across organs).
3. She would not be considered for living liver donation since she had already donated a kidney.
That’s our story. Perhaps things are different if the liver donation came first and then the kidney donation? Also various transplant centers establish different policies, criterion, rules & regulations.

Jul 1, 2019 · Has anyone heard of an artificial kidney being made? in Kidney & Bladder

@marvinjsturing so happy for your acceptance, approval & listing on the kidney transplant list. You have waited a long time and this is an answer to many prayers. Now I assure you that more prayers are going out for your sister. God’s plan & timing can be trusted!