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Sat, Jan 12 3:09pm · Med detective needed, award given - adrenaline spikes in Diabetes/Endocrine System

@contentandwell I think you and @libjen are posting about 2 different meds. You are posting about Omeprazole. @libjen and @sierrawoods are posting about Synthroid.

Dec 27, 2018 · Med detective needed, award given - adrenaline spikes in Diabetes/Endocrine System

There is a condition called hypoglycemia unawareness. It is having low blood sugars with little or no symptoms. It is a complication of diabetes. It can be dangerous because there isn’t much warning to treat it.You can end up in an emergency situation, helpless and at the mercy of others to catch it and hopefully intervene. In my case it was during the years of type 1 diabetes when blood sugar was out of control and insulin wasn’t adjusted properly.

Dec 10, 2018 · Confused About Diet for Stage 3 or 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Kidney & Bladder

@trishanna I’m diabetic, have CKD stage 3-4 and osteoporosis too. My endocrinologist put me on Prolia because it is the least problematic for kidneys. That is what my doctor said and my nephrologist agreed. My new problem is that my insurance doesn’t cover it anymore. For the past 6 years they have but next year they won’t. My next injection is due in January. I also have a diabetes medication that isn’t covered. Their suggested alternatives are not supposed to be used by people with the GFR that I have. ☹️

Nov 17, 2018 · 3rd stage kidney disease in Kidney & Bladder

@rosemarya, that is kind of what I meant about going around for the past 2 months between insurance/pharmacy and departments at Mayo. In September when the Dr. sent the prescription he also gave me a print out of his office visit summary and a request for preapproval / prior authorization for the med. In early October the pharmacy contacted me and wanted to know if I wanted to fill the prescription and pay it out of pocket or ask the Dr. for a prescription for one of the alternatives. I inquired about my Dr.’s request for preapproval / prior authorization and was told that they had already processed it and denied it. I was told I needed to have the Dr. send an “appeal”. I set out to work on that and started with the transplant center since I was seen by the Dr. in the transplant department (he also works in endocrinology) and I had his card with contact info from the transplant department. I haven’t tried contacting the social worker, but I did contact my pretransplant nurse coordinator. “It isn’t really a transplant issue” and I was told to contact the Dr. directly. I tried that too through the transplant center because that was the contact info on the card he gave me in September. I explained my issue to the receptionist that took my call. I got a call back later that the Dr. would be taking care of it in the week. I also got a very nice email/letter from Mayo patient online services dated October 17th. It was a letter from the Dr. reiterating the prescription, why it was necessary and requesting a preapproval/prior authorization. It also had an invitation for insurance to contact him. He used the endocrinology department contact info. That was mid October. At the end of October and early November when I tried to follow up on this with the insurance/pharmacy I was transferred all over both and told they could not find anything like an appeal from the Dr. dated October 17th. We even had two three way conference calls. One between me, insurance and a secretary at Mayo Endocrinology and one between me, insurance and someone in the transplant center. The Mayo folk didn’t know anything about the Dr.’s October letter! I’m sorry this post went on & on. I’m just aggravated. The last I heard was that perhaps insurance just hadn’t received the letter yet and someone there was going to check something and get back to me! I think I’ll take the issue to my local endocrinologist, maybe sooner than later.

Nov 17, 2018 · 3rd stage kidney disease in Kidney & Bladder

@rosemarya, thank you! You are always helpful and an encourager. I haven’t started the new med yet because of the insurance problem. The pharmacy has not been helpful. They just suggested covered alternatives that the doctor said aren’t appropriate/safe for me. They also wanted to know if I wanted them to fill the prescription and if I would agree to paying out of pocket. I can’t do that. I’m still following my previous treatment plan with unsatisfactory results. I will look into the Chronic Disease Fund. I am also scheduled for follow up with my local endocrinologist in January. She knows me better and has followed me longer than the Mayo doc. I might try to get in with her sooner than January if I continue having such trouble.

Nov 17, 2018 · UTI and Yeast Infections in Kidney & Bladder

@mary1234, in regards to Diflucan tablets, I thought this was an anti fungal medication. A podiatrist once prescribed it for me when I had a toenail fungus. Was wondering what that would have to do with UTI’s or yeast infections, unless yeast infections are a “fungus among us”!

Nov 17, 2018 · UTI and Yeast Infections in Kidney & Bladder

@ethanmcconkey thank you for the mention. It makes me feel useful. My main things are diabetes, CKD and transplant. But yes I have had UTI’s and yeast infections. The only thing I can add to this conversation is my experience with the connection between UTI (or any infection) treated with antibiotics, then the onset of a yeast infection. I particularly remember this happening back in ‘97 or ‘98 after having a hysterectomy and being on antibiotics. The doc at the time had me do a soaking sit bath in as hot a water as I could tolerate with vinegar added, use an OTC vaginal cream or suppository like Monistat (sp?) and eat yogurt (now known as probiotics). Those things did help, but there’s probably newer and better treatments now. Another suggestion from when I worked as a CNA, home health aid & personal care attendant was to always use good hand washing and personal care hygiene. This was especially true for folks with catheters and ostomies of any kind. Good hydration & Vitamin C were thought to be helpful and we passed out cranberry juice daily in the nursing homes when we refreshed the bedside water and passed out snacks.

Nov 17, 2018 · 3rd stage kidney disease in Kidney & Bladder

@rosemarya, thank you for the introduction to @kamama94. It is flattering. From her postings that I’ve seen it sounds like she has a pretty good handle on her dietary situation. I also am unsure of how to post links but there is a webinar offered by AKF (American Kidney Fund) on “Eating healthy with diabetes and kidney disease” on Wed, Nov, 28, 2018. I found this on Facebook and just registered for it. I thought it would be useful information for me as I deal with both ailments. I know many others do too. There is another conversation called “Confused About Diet for Stage 3 or 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)” that is part of the Discussion Kidney & Bladder. Some of those folk might find this webinar helpful.

Thank you for asking how I am feeling these days. I feel ok but I’ll try to provide a quick update. In September I went to Mayo for my annual pretransplant review. My GFR was 29 and my UNOS transplant listing status was changed to “inactive” for now. This means my kidney function is currently stable and I’m too healthy for a kidney transplant now. This is great since the transplant list is long and my search for a living kidney donor has not gone well. On the diabetes side of things I’m not doing so well. My beloved pancreas transplant (13 years now) is not keeping up. The endocrinologist I saw in September at Mayo emphatically declared that I am now a type 2 diabetic. He laid out some treatment options and we chose a non insulin injection for type 2 along with the basal insulin that I’m currently taking. Problem is my insurance doesn’t cover the new med and the insurance suggested alternatives are not appropriate for someone with my level of CKD! We’ve been going around in circles with departments at the insurance/pharmacy associates and 2 departments at Mayo that the physician works out of to get a decision on an appeal. This has been going on for months. 😒😔☹️