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Sat, Jul 11 7:23pm · Want to hear from others who have Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in Kidney & Bladder

I am 63 stage 4. For the past 4 years I have bounced between stages 3 & 4. My GFR has been between 14 – 42. I’ve been evaluated, approved & accepted for kidney transplant by 2 transplant centers. I am inactively listed with Mayo in Rochester, MN. They say that I’m currently “too healthy for transplant”. I’ve also been looking for a living kidney donor but haven’t found one yet. My advice to you is to do everything your medical team says you need to do to take the best care of yourself that you can. Then leave it all in God’s hands. Keep praying!

Thu, Jun 18 7:01pm · Transplant Evaluation - What to expect in Transplants

@rosemarya when I was there (Mayo Rochester) in October 2019 we discussed the UNOS listing and decided then that I would switch from active to inactive. There is a kidney function lab called GFR that indicates the percentage function of your kidneys. When that number is 20 or less you are eligible to be evaluated/considered for transplant. Mine has bounced around from 14 – 42 over the last 4 years. It was 24 last October when the listing was changed to inactive. I was first evaluated in 2016 and have been back yearly for a review evaluation since then. I see my local nephrologist in September. If everything continues to be stable perhaps this year’s Mayo trip won’t be necessary.

Wed, Jun 17 10:44am · Transplant Evaluation - What to expect in Transplants

@rosemarya, thank you for the inquiry about my transplant evaluation. I was last at Mayo (Rochester, MN) in October 2019. I am post transplant pancreas (2005 from another transplant center) due to diabetes and have been evaluated at Mayo annually since 2016 for kidney transplant. I’ve been approved, accepted and listed for kidney transplant at Mayo in Rochester. I’ve also been looking for a living kidney donor during this time. Last year my listing was changed to inactive because I was told that I’m “too healthy for a transplant at this time”. Thank God I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in! I’m thankful that I’m not on dialysis or in immediate need of transplant during these times. My local primary doc, endocrinologist and nephrologist are keeping track of me. I’m confident that Mayo will be there if and when more imminent transplant needs arise.

Sun, Jun 14 12:42pm · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

I am a believer. I’ve been praying for your dad, mom and you. Will continue to do so.

Wed, May 13 9:26am · My dad has a mass on bladder and kidney not functioning in Cancer

@formydad I’ve been thinking of you, your dad & family. You’ve all been through so much. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your dad needs you as an advocate. Get your dad’s authorization to do whatever you can to help. Then ask questions. Go after information, explanations, diagnoses, treatment plans, prognosis etc. Ask about risks and benefits, interactions, alternatives, priorities ….. until you are satisfied with the knowledge you gain. A question I particularly like to pose of medical providers is “If this was you or your parent, what would you recommend?” Be assertive. Again, prayers for you as you press on.

Sat, May 9 10:22am · How about a laugh, (hopefully) in Just Want to Talk

My dad was a mechanical engineer. I found out it had nothing to do with trains. But when my dad was working for Hamilton Beach (appliances), one of my friends asked him how he liked being a life guard!

Mon, Apr 27 10:41am · Kidney transplant - The Journey from the Donor's Side in Transplants

@mauraacro & @gingerw my daughter is a living kidney donor (to her Grandpa in 2003). She is a biologist working in some research capacity at Mayo in Rochester, MN. She told me that being a donor does not make her more likely to contract the virus, but if she did, it could be VERY bad. The virus effects lungs & diminishes oxygen to the body. When vital organs (Kidneys) aren’t getting oxygen they will shut down. If you only have 1 kidney, this presents an increased concern. Mayo is diligently working on triage/testing plus working on developing a vaccine and researching possible treatments. My daughter sent pictures of construction of testing facilities set up in parking lots across the street from her office where she usually works. She is working from home now. My SIL works in bio mechanical engineering at Mayo. He is working from home too. They have taken turns going into work during off times when fewer people are around. Mostly they are doing everything they can to stay safe and protect my daughter’s one kidney.

Fri, Apr 10 1:48pm · Easter services, Passover and other celebrations during COVID-19 in Just Want to Talk

Hi everyone and Easter Blessings to the Christian Believers out there. I’m Cheryl. I live in the Twin Cities, MN metro area. I’m a member of Calvary Lutheran Church in Golden Valley, MN. My church has been live streaming Wednesday night Lenten services, a daily inspirational/devotional message on Facebook and Live streaming Sunday Services. Tonight is a Good Friday live stream service. Go to the web page Calvary.org